Friday, January 12, 2018

Christmas Break & New Years

I feel like I am so behind on blogging about all Holiday festivities but the truth is that we just started school back up today!! It was a crazy weird Christmas break but we enjoyed our days off and filled them with laziness, crafts, friends, so much food and taking advantage of all being together. It was long but it was also fantastic. 

We met up with some of our friends from Carrollton and enjoyed an evening of letting the kids play and catching up! We have lived by the Mott's for about eight years now, first starting that friendship in Waco. Moving to Roanoke has been the farthest we have lived from them. So we still try to make it a point to see each other. 

Our poor Christmas tree died and became so brittle. It was a PAIN to take down and get cleaned up! I'm still finding pine needles! 

The kids one morning all gathered around watching Kate's favorite show "Masha and Bear". 

Out town's Chick Fil A always has some sort of festivity or event happening. We went and made New Years Eve party bags. We also received our meal for free. Just because. There was no reason. The guy behind the counter just said they do that sometimes. It was really nice and it made Dan so happy. Haha 
 Daddy telling one of his awesome stories. June can never get enough of his make believe stories. 

Our Youth had their New Years Eve Dance on Saturday since actual New Years Eve was on Sunday. We all gathered and got the girls ready for the dance. They don't mess around with dances here. The girls all looked so pretty. I was so happy to be apart of it! 

Owen came down with a little 24 hour flu bug. 

It doesn't hurt that I got to fall asleep next to him. He's honestly my favorite snuggler. 

One random day just listening to music. I'm trying to get a good 2018 playlist for yoga and Dan's music is usually where I go to first. So I don't mind sitting with him. 

Slime is all the craze right now and it's the worst. I mean it's so fun and the kids love it but it's also messy. And heaven forbid they play with it. They have to be making it over and over again. We have so many containers of slime that were made over Christmas break. 

Kate chilling on the couch after waking up from her nap. 

New Years Eve we went to church and then made home made pizza's later that night. 

We couldn't do our usual Chuck E. Cheese night out but we still had fun playing games in the house and of course letting the kids stay up as long as they could. Kate made it until about eight. Owen made it until about Ten and of course sweet June made it to midnight and then begged to stay up later. We cleaned up our New Years Eve mess and let June stay up until we went to bed. She was a champ and honestly wasn't cranky the next day. I was shocked. 

We had the following Monday off with Dan and then he headed back to work the following Tuesday. Then is was just the kiddos and myself. We had a fun, super chill week. 
They love when the Target balls change. So when they were snowmen we had to get a picture. June was so excited. 

Lot's of cozying up by the fire. These two are the worst enemies and the best of friends. 

One day I went to check on the kids while they were having rest time, I found Owen playing Uno with his stuffed animals. Why is it things like this that just make you love them all that much more?! 

Aunt Brookie gave us a Shopkins making activity for Christmas and the kids LOVE it! It's been in use every single day! It saved us big time through Christmas break. 

June came in one afternoon telling me she found this "mysterious" letter that was for me. I took it and she was completely playing clueless. Then she ran off giggling to herself. 

This was the content. It made my whole day. 

One day we made a trip down to the Perot Museum. We spent the majority of the day there. We had lunch and hit every floor in the Museum. I couldn't believe we survived being there so long.

The kids got to learn how to make fake snow 

Then they playing with a sample of a tub of it. It was actually cold like snow. The kiddos thought it was pretty cool. 

We had a lot of performances by the entire family over the break. Including Kate. 

It couldn't be all play while we were on break. We did have to do chores and get the house back to normal. The kids like to help so who am I to stop them. 

One morning our neighborhood community put on a snowball fight for the kids. We walked and drove up to play for a bit. 

June went to play with a friend in Carrollton and we decided instead of meeting at halfway like normal, we would drive all the way to Carrollton to pick her up. Owen has been begging to play at the "bouncy bridge park" forever. So we spent the evening there playing and then went and had dinner at McDonalds. It was an all around good day. 

Kate my sweet sweet wild child. She is beyond chill. I could not ask for a better third child. 

We went to a little friends birthday party at a jungle gym place. It was so fun and the kids had a blast!! 

Kate was definitely was there for the cake. ;) 

We watched a lot of movies and played a lot of Mario Odyssey. One day while watching Dan play the Switch, Owen and I snuggled on the couch. 

Then about 20 minutes later, he went to get on the ground to color and fell asleep about a minute after that. 

Our little Cul-De-Sac besties. They have a jeep just like us so they now definitely own that space. We are so grateful for such good neighbors! 

June went with one of her friends to the park and play at her house for the afternoon so we had one of Owen's little buddies come over to our house and play. Slim was definitely a must. 

Then before we knew it, we were getting back to bed time schedules and packing backpacks for the next day of school. It was a weird feeling. I was ready for the routine again but I really do enjoy having my whole family home. We are all such home bodies so it was nice to be all together. But June was excited to get back to school, though waking up early again hasn't been so great. For everyone! Haha. 

We enjoyed our break and the time we got together. 

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