Monday, April 6, 2015

Completely forgotten Randoms!

As I'm doing my monthly photo organization and getting ready for a new month of photos, I opened up my "randoms" file and found these pictures, which includes the awesome snow we had. I completely forgot about them! 

So here are a few randoms plus our snow storm that wraps up the month of March. 

Rain or shine this girl is playing in the sandbox. We had literally walked in the door from church and she was begging to go outside! So we let her. 

 Back at the beginning of the month, actually the night before we left for Arkansas, (remember me telling you about that?!) we had a massive snow storm. This type of snow was the real deal! It was so fun to not have sick kids and to be able to play in it! Dan stayed home from work because the roads were to slick... and he was taking a half day off anyways, so we played in the snow until the roads melted enough for us to head out. 

This is a crazy amount of snow for Texas

We had fun throwing snow into the pool and watching it freeze instantly! It was cool because it wasn't melting as soon as it hit the water. 

Lounging by the pool 

Now the last couple of March has been DIVINE when it comes to the weather category. We have been soaking in as much sun as possible! We even got our first sunburns of the season... purely because I'm an awesome mom and wasn't even thinking sunscreen, even though we were outside literally all day, well except Owen, who did take a nap... 

We have been having so much fun already outside! I CANNOT wait for summer, when we can hop into the pool and swim and grill and just be in good spirits... I feel summer really does that for me. 

We had a tea party (Which is an everyday activity at our house) and Owen had spilled his water.. June said "That's it, boys are no longer invited! Only girls!" June likes things done in a very particular way, just like her mom! It was pretty funny though. 

Little range just being super cuddly one morning. I don't give a shout out to this little guy very often, but we still love him as if he's one of our children. He's way overweight and HATES going for walks! He's so lazy! haha but he's happy and we are grateful for his companionship .

I gave this little man a kiss before one of my performances. Wearing red lipstick is so fun! I had to give him a kiss. Oh man this kid has become the coolest lately. I don't know what it is, he wasn't the easiest baby... but seriously just within the last couple months he has been so much fun! Mischievous as ever! But he has just become my little bud. Maybe it's the age, but I am LOVING IT!  More on that at his 18 month update!

Well thats really it. I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss any pictures for March. Now onto April!! 

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