Monday, April 20, 2015

June as of Lately...

Today my little chicka is 3 and 1/2 years old and time for an update on this little love of mine.

I sit here and think how or where to start, and I just start laughing at all the amazingness and crazy that comes from this little person. I don't even think I will be able to capture all of the things this little Juniper is, but I will try. 

Just a few things about June's schedule or life before I get into the more detailed items. 

June is our small little thing. She wears 18-24mo pants and Shirts. Some 2T fit her, but depending on the brand.

She sleeps for about 11 hours at night, going to bed at 8pm and waking up around 7. She loves to play Disney Jr. computer games before going to bed. 
We sing Christmas songs to her most nights. She loves "I want a hippo for Christmas". "Jingle Bells', "Rudolph" and "Away in a Manger" 
She has to have her blanket snuggled up to her head and then her "comfy, cozy" which is her Frozen blanket. 
When she's not tired, or pretends to not be tired, she comes up with the lamest excuses ever to get out of bed. It's hard sometimes to not laugh, especially when she's so serious about it. 

June does not take naps and actually hasn't for a long time now. She still has quiet time, which is usually consisted of playing in her room, playing with items from the "quiet bin" or watching a movie on her iPad. 

June has been potty trained for a while. Before she was two, but she has now finally started going completely by herself. Before she would come tell us she had to go potty and one of us would have to go with her. She now tells us and then just goes on her own. It's SO NICE! When it's a bathroom she doesn't know, we obviously go help her, or if there isn't a stool, we have to be there, she's too little to climb up by herself. She now flushes (which is tricky on our toilets because the flush button is on top of our toilet) and can wash her hands all on her own! 

She Loves building forts, attempting to play Mario Kart, pretending she's a robot, "My Little Pony" and Disney Junior. 

Now onto more details of our little Junster:

June bug is my sweetheart. She is very concerned about other's feelings, and aware of so much emotion that happens around her. She is compassionate and very tender hearted. Her feelings get hurt pretty easily. Thankfully, she is very good at expressing her feelings and letting us know if she is mad, excited, frustrated, sad and others. She communicates phenomenally well and it helps cut out a lot of tears and tantrums. She never has been a big tantrum thrower, and I am forever grateful for that. 

She is incredibly smart and much more mature for her age. She grasps things and thinks so logically sometimes, that I wonder how in the world she could ever have thought of it. Her reasoning skills are impeccable for a 3 year old. We are a bit worried for the teenage years. When we are discussing what needs to be done that day, or what chore needs to be done, she will think about it then say "How about this, how about this" with her hands out in front of her. She then will tell us what she thinks and asks "Deal?" Honestly sometimes her thinking actually makes more sense and she wins. 

Or when she knows we are getting up set with her, she says "wait, I have to talk to you first!"

She LOVES to read. I mean LOVES it! She asks us to read stories to her whenever we are sitting down... Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bath time, going potty... anytime, she asks to be read to. 
June has recently asked us to start teaching her to read. She has a leap frog pen that reads the words to her, but she said she would like to learn on her own. We have slowly started working with her. We don't know if it's sinking in at all, but we will never turn her down when she asks us to teach her to read, no matter her age. 

The questions never stop with her. She wants to know what everything is, does, whats it for. She just asked me if Dan and I were married, and then asked if we were in love first or if we got married then fell in love? She then told me, she can't wait to be in love. It turned into a precious conversation about different kinds of love. She is very curious of the world around her. She loves exploring outside, and being an "expert" finder. We do multiple scavenger hunts a week. She loves little pill bugs, but HATES ants. The tiniest little ant freaks her out and it has to be taken care of immediately or she wants to go inside. 

Little Ju-Ju-B is much more of a mild child, and takes things with cation. We still take it easy on the swings. 

She doesn't like anything too crazy or wild. Loud noises really bug her, and she doesn't like when there are too many children around. We leave the park if there are too many kids playing there. She doesn't like rough play. She has gotten a little more brave though. At her gymnastics class there is a big rope that they swing on into a foam bit. She NEVER has wanted to go on it... until a couple weeks ago she stepped up and totally swung on it!!! WE WERE SO PROUD OF HER! It was a big deal for her to do that!! 

She does love to jump around and yell out "Ballerina Jumps!" Her little regular babysitter is a Ballerina and June loves dancing with her. We think thats where it came from. 
She also loves to play Hide N' Seek, tag and loves to race. She really loves to be chased and does not watch where she is going. That little bug gets more goose eggs than I thought possible! 

She loves the special time that she gets to spend with daddy, especially riding in his car. That is one of her favorite things to do! 

She is independent and is getting more and more so. She likes choosing her clothes and accessories for the day. Like this super awesome dress with her winter boots. She wore this to church. This isn't even half bad compared to what she chooses! I say this more openly in hopes I am not judged for how my child is dressed everyday. hahaha 

She loves playing princesses, house, airplane and grocery store. Her imagination has taken off by storm and it is so fun to watch what she will come up with next. Every day our living room is turned into some type of store, or house. 

 She pretends to go camping on a regular basis, which consists of bringing out her pillow and as many toys as she can that will fit in her back pack. Along with her camping chair and flash light. 

She loves taking pictures with my phone and that includes selfies!

She Loves to text! Her and daddy have pretty regular conversations that regard emoji's. She is starting to get the letters and can write her name. 

She is really big into magic tricks and loves putting shows on for me and daddy. She loves when we announce "Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing June Loretta Lancaster!" Then she will run into the room. We do that all the time, over and over again, and she thinks its so funny! 

HER FAVORITE FOODS: She loves yogurt, apple Juice, water in water bottles, grapes, cuties, crackers, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, ice-cream, wasabi almonds, chocolate covered almonds and popcorn. Really anything thats bad for you she likes!

She is so funny and she loves to tell jokes. Knock knock jokes are her go to, but sometimes she will just make up some random joke. We do not get it at all, but we pretend its super funny, so then she will go tell anyone she sees or that will listen to her.

She loves to say the prayer and does not like being helped unless asked other wise. Her little prayers are precious, and sometimes something comes out of her mouth of what she is grateful for or asks to be blessed. 
(She was very upset one day that the other kids were not saying a prayer first before eating the pretend food) 

June wants to help with EVERY. SINGLE. THING that we do. It in all honesty does not bother me that much, the only time it becomes trouble is when it's too dangerous, like pulling food out of the Oven, or changing lightbulbs, or when we are in a hurry... but for the most part I think Dan and I both enjoy her help and she is actually really good at helping. She now helps me with all the load of laundry. She is super awesome at sorting clothes into different colors, and collecting the clothing items from her and Owens room. She knows how to work the washing machine as well, along with the dryer. She loves doing the dishes and loves getting the water for dinner/lunch. 
(Helping daddy trim the peach tree)

June is my precious little spirit. She has enough spunk to keep things entertaining, but keeps it at a level where it doesn't drive her mother bonkers. My heart is so incredibly full with how lucky I am that I get to be her mother. She is pretty darn close to perfect as a 3 year old, and I love her so so much for everything she is, and does! 

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