Friday, April 24, 2015

Owen as of Lately

The little stud is 18 months old today! I can't believe it and I LOVE IT! I really do think that 18+ months are my favorite. They just start becoming their own little people, their fun, they have a little more independence, and it's just so enjoyable!

Owen has really stepped up his game in the last six months of awesomeness. He was not the easiest baby, and by the easiest, I mean difficult. I was a bit worried that he was going to be an on going thing, but thank heavens he seems to be outgrowing the neediness, the tantrums, and the constant-ness of being a grump.  We partially blame him being sick for sooooo long. We obviously still loved him, but he has become such our little bud lately, that lets be honest, makes parenthood a whole heck of a lot easier!! Oh man I love him. 

A few stats: Owen's Dr's appointment is next week, and I am sure I will be posting an actual measurement stats update, but here is a few of our own stats...

Owen is 1.5 years old. He wears size 5 diapers and is currently wearing 18-24 month clothing, though some 2T items fit him. Depending on the brand. 

He is still sleeping in his crib, obviously, and we don't know when that transition will happen. We assume sometime this year, but we aren't in any hurry to push him out of his crib. 

Owen goes to bed at about 7pm. Though lately he has been staying up a bit later. We would love to only have one bed time routine, but we know that will come with time. He seems to not be getting as tired at night, so we are slowly seeing if he stays up later... not sure, still working on that one. 

He will sleep for about 12-13 hours, give or take and is completely sleeping through the night. Obviously there are nights where he wakes up... teething, can't find his blanket, or scared of a storm. He is SUCH A LIGHT SLEEPER! We have thought about having him and June share a room, but he wakes up at any sound, and sleeps with a sound machine... so the transition might now go so smoothy. For now we don't really see the point in having them share yet... we don't need that room for any reason and don't feel it necessary to go through the hassle of having them share a room. Though I'm sure its going to happen at some point. 

Our bedtime routine is read stories with him while he drinks some milk. He is fully off bottles and only drinks out of sippy cups, or regular cups. Then he usually starts pointing to his crib when he's ready to go to sleep. He doesn't really like to be sung to, but I still sing him one or two songs as I stroke his hair while laying in the crib. He puts himself to sleep, with a HUGE mouthful of blanket. I have to change his blanket every morning because it's so wet from him having it in his mouth at night. 

He takes one nap between 12:30-1:00pm and wakes up between 3:00-4:30pm. Depending on the day. He sometimes falls asleep in the morning, and will zonk out for an hour, but that isn't always the case. 

Owen's favorite foods/drink are: peas, noodles, milk, chocolate milk, water, chicken, apples, bread, cupcake goldfish...
Really the kid eats anything you put in front of him. He is a heavy eater. He pretty much eats out the entire family. Thankfully we haven't hit the picky eater stage and I would love to keep it that way! (doubtful, but a girl can dream)

Owen is walking all over the place and starting to kick up the pace. He will be running soon, and I can only imagine how much fun that's going to be. 

We think he is going to be left handed. (Just like Grandpa Lancaster) He favors it 90% of the time and uses it for most hand functions. Dan already has him pinned as a left handed pitcher... haha 

He is speaking more and more everyday and learns new words regularly. 
He now says: Mama (and knows that I am Mama), ball, car (his most favorite word) milk, and tickle (he grabs your arm, rubs his fingers against it and says "tickle, tickle, tickle")

He is a super Mama's boy

Ok now on to a bit more of his personality: 


Owen is a go getter. He loves getting into every thing, exploring anything that he isn't allowed to explore and putting everything into his mouth.  He is always on the move and wants to do it all on his own. He loves exploring, picking up and poking at things. 
Our little guy is tough, He bonks his head, falls over, gets knocked down... so on and so forth, he just gets right back up and keeps going. 

Owen is mischievous, and he knows it too. He knows when something is wrong, so he'll do it then quickly waddle away, grinning that two dimple grin that is so irresistible. Toilet paper rolls are is go to, but he tries to not leave anything undisturbed in his path. He colors on walls, on floors, on his sister, on himself, He throws things into the toilet, and just causes havoc if not carefully watched. But he is so quiet about it. It's kinda funny. 

I opened the cupboard one day, and found the box of cheerios opened and his little cars. It made me chuckle, because I obviously knew who had been in the cupboard. sneaky little man. 

He LOVES to body slam, wrestle, tackle, and keep doing it over and over again. If you are sitting on the floor, you don't stand a chance. June has a love/hate relationship with it. It depends on the day if she plays along or if she screams. 

Owen is a climber, He climbs onto everything, and is really good about it. He loves climbing onto our bed, which gives me a mini heart attack each time he does, because our bed is pretty high off the ground. He climbs onto a bench we have in front of our bed and the shuffles himself on top of the bed. The he throws himself on the pillows. I can't blame him for that... I mean, our bed is pretty darn comfortable. But still mini heart attack!

As much as that kid moves, he also has a very gentle side to him. He loves to cuddle with stuffed animals, and LOVES to give hugs and kisses. If he finds something that really intrigues him, he will sit and play for a while. It's usually his talking bear that sings and talks.

He loves watching Chuggington and ONLY Chuggington. TV doesn't intrigue him all that much. We don't offer that much to him, but when it is on, he has no interest, unless those trains are on. 
He also LOVES his blankets. Those blankets are his little lifeline for security. They comfort him so quickly, and you put one of those near his face, his whole body just folds into your arms. It's kinda my favorite. 

He will have a blanket in his mouth has much as he can. He loves just having it in his mouth! 

He is a little sweetheart, and becoming my good little shopping buddy. We have a pretty good system down now, and that include a cup of cookies to keep me and the kiddos happy! 

 Owen is such an independent little thing. He plays SO WELL by himself and it's super nice. He does love to play with June and follows her around all the time, but he also knows how to keep himself happy. Lining up little figurines and then knocking them down keeps him occupied for hours. 

 Owen loves playing outside. He loves splashing in the water and coloring with chalk. He goes to the window and points to go out every morning. 

The kid LOVE LOVE LOVES his cars and balls. I swear we have given him all sorts of other toys, but this boy is just drawn to cars and balls. He can't get enough of them. 

His cars are his most favorite. We don't go anywhere without a car in his hand and a spare in my purse. He loves any kind of car, truck, motorcyle, anything with wheels. He's really awesome at playing with them and making the most adorable "vroom" sounds. 

He loves to read books, I will find him in his room, sitting in front of his book shelf just looking at all of his books. Once they are all pulled of the shelf, he moves into June's room and looks at all her books. 

Owen is a snuggler for sure. He loves to just sit and rock at night, He will sit and watch baseball with us and loves having the back of his neck/hair line rubbed. It just freezes his body. When he is snuggly its hard to put him down, because he tends to just bury his head into your neck and stay quite content that way. (as long as he has a blanket shoved into his mouth) 

He is becoming such a little toddler and just so much fun. His little smile sends my heart to the moon and back. I know I am in trouble with those dimples as he grows up. This boy has my heart, and keeps me on my toes. He has become such a fun happy little man who I absolutely adore with my whole being. I crave holding his little body in my arms at night, and can't wait to go get him in the morning because I know that smile and those out reached arms are waiting for me. He brings so much laughter and joy into our home and I am eternally grateful I have him forever! Love you my little boy. 

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