Monday, April 27, 2015

Owen's in Nursery

My not so little baby boy went to Nursery for the first time this past Sunday. In the LDS church, children do not go into their own little classes until they are 18months old and it's a bitter sweet time. 

The last couple of months, He has been a handful at church and we were pretty darn excited to get him into nursery, especially Dan, since due to my calling in the church, Dan had the little monster during 3rd hour with him, which meant he hardly went to 3rd hour. 

We were excited to take him to nursery after Sacrament on Sunday, and June wouldn't go to primary first, she really wanted to go with us to drop Owen off. In all honesty I was so ready for him to go, I really thought that I wouldn't be that sad about it. I was wrong. 

When we went and sat him down in his little chair, he looked around for a bit, but then they gave him fruit snacks and he was all set. The nursery leaders encouraged us to just leave him, and they would come get us if there was any problems... I just couldn't leave. I wanted to sit there and watch him. Dan gently ushered me out, we took June to primary and then I had to take a quick sec to catch my breath. Even right now writing this brings a sting of tears comes into my eyes... I just thought it would be so much easier with the second one. It wasn't. I had such a hard time letting him all of the sudden take a big step into toddler hood. My heart hurts a bit. I'm sure I'm getting a few chuckles for my overly attachment to my children... but I just cannot help it. 

He did great all through snack time, but when they changed rooms to go to singing and lessons he had a hard time understanding what was going on. They came and got me, and I went and sat with him for a while. We sang songs and played for a bit, but then slowly I took a step back and let him take the lead. He looked back every once in a while to make sure I was still there. I just smiled and told him it's ok, and then he engaged right back into the activity. 

When they went into the toy/puzzle room I slowly walked slower so he could walk with the rest of his class, and then didn't follow him in. He went in and bolted for the cars, (of course). 

For me it was a quiet 3rd hour, I was able to accomplish all I needed for the 3rd hour and listened to our lesson. After ward I had a few things I had to take care of, so when I found Dan he had June, and Owen was zonked out on his shoulder. I guess about 10 minutes before class got out, Owen started fussing, so they took him to Dan. Dan said he fell asleep within seconds. 

All in all I feel his first day of nursery went rather well. WAY better then June did on her first day of nursery. 

I think it caught me off guard with how much Owen is growing up. I feel like he is so much littler than June was at that age. The babies growing up is a bit of a heart string tug. I love it and absolutely  hate it all at the same time. 

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