Saturday, August 23, 2014

Air Conditioning.... Over and Out

The weird week has finally arrived to Saturday! YAY! This week dragged and I am glad to see it go.
Its nice blogging in the morning. Kids are happy, Dan's golfing, and it's Saturday so I feel I can let a few things slack. That means I can turn to the blog.

This week did not disappoint with its abundant-ness of slightly driving me insane. Like both the kids having the croup, me constantly breaking Owen's video monitor (I admit, after the 3rd break, I may have lost it and threw it on the ground. Yes, I acted like a 3 year old) and the cherry on top the air conditioning decided it had run long enough and needed a break. A literal break.

Thursday afternoon, Dan had gotten home early from a workers retreat up at lake Lewisville.... which actually was just a bunch of the boys jet skiing and boating... :) but he was home early and we were all excited! We hopped into the pool and after a swim we came back into the house, unusually warm. We keep our house cold. And when we walked in, we knew instantly something was wrong. Dan went to go check outside and sure enough the air conditioning unit was making a horrible screeching sound. No Air. The house was already at 85 degrees and climbing. We pulled the fans out and attempted to cool down the kids room as much as possible. Dan and I could sweat out the night but with the kids being sick and well.. just being kids, I wanted to make sure they slept as good as possible.

Owen's room is always so hot mid afternoon because the sun just beats in through his window. Even with Blackout curtains. It was miserable in there. June's fan makes  a squeaking noise and it bugs her so she didn't want it on.

Dan and I knew it was going to be a long night but we tried to make it as comfortable as we could for Owen and June. We got them down to sleep and Dan left for some church business and I hopped into the shower. A really cold shower, because at that point I was sweating non stop.

Dan got home and the house temperature was at 89. Just kept on rising. Here in Texas we don't have nights that cool down. We are lucky if it gets into lower 80's. No relief from anything but fans. We had large ice buckets in front of the fans which blew cold air. It worked all up until the ice melted and with it being so hot in the house it melted within the hour. So....

Kids kept waking up and around 11, I went into Owen's room and it was just melting hot in there. It was hard to even breath. I knew he couldn't sleep in there so I put him in the pack n' play in our room.  June was constantly up and complaining she was too hot. So we decided that we would put all the fans in our room, since it has the best air circulation of our whole house, and sleep in there. We blew up our big air mattress and let June sleep on that. Now remember the kids are sick, so both of them have nasty coughs that just keep going. Owen would wake up coughing and crying and so would June. So around 11:30 we loaded everyone up in the car and turned the AC on full blast. It felt so good!

We went to Walmart, Dan ran in to purchase more fans and bags of ice.
Once we got home all of us went into our room and tried to get some sleep. Owen just kept waking up, Dan and June ended up in our bed and I was on the air mattress. It was actually somewhat cooler down below. Hot air rises. I went to get Dan and June to bring them down. June was asleep so we left her, but Dan came and laid down lower with the fan blowing. We probably slept for an hour, then Owen and June both woke up.

Owen had spiked a fever and was so hot. I laid right in front of the fan with him just to cool him off and get him back to sleep. I laid him down and turned the fan literally right on him. He seemed content enough with that.
We thought June had peed the bed but it actually was just so much sweat coming from her little body. Dan moved her onto the air mattress. So all three of us slept on the air mattress. It was actually much cooler down there and we had all the other fans pointing right at us.

I don't know if we got any sleep. Neither Dan and I felt like we did, but somehow 6am rolled around. Dan said he had never been happier to see that time on the clock.

Owen was up with us at 6 and June slept until about 7. We survived.
In the end we should have just gotten a hotel for the night. It was that hot. The poor kids were miserable and I felt so bad for how sweaty they got.
Thankfully the repair man came at 9am and had it up and running within the next half hour. I almost hugged him. Like, I may have jumped up and down and thanked him a million times over. hahaha pathetic.

We really did survive and we obviously know it wasn't the end of the world, but at 2a.m, you're sweating profusely, both kids are coughing... you do feel like it's the end of the world.
Just glad we have air again and it feels nice!


Nancy said...

Oh that's terrible!! I'm glad you got it fixed quickly! I hate being hot!! I hope the kids get better soon!

Cisneros Family said...

Oh man!! That is miserable. I'm glad you survived the night and the kids are feeling better.