Saturday, January 17, 2015

2015's first Randoms

2015 has started off with... a normal pace. Haha. It's the beginning of January, so it's really been all about getting back to normal schedules, having daddy back to work full time, and just getting ready for an awesome 2015. But just because we are back to normal doesn't mean we slow down any... Turns out life is just as busy as you left it those 3 weeks of Christmas Vacation. 

We went to the Perot Museum, our usual hangout on cold days... It's been cold, and not any fun kind of cold. The Museum is definitely our go to, we love it and we continue to be members for another year. Totally worth it!! 

The kids play area is worth it all on it's own. There are days where I take the kids down just to go to the play place. It's amazing and has lots to do. It seriously keeps the kiddos happy for hours. 

I love this picture. Owen was able to play at the water table at 14 months old. June wasn't able to reach it until she was like 2. Hahaha It's so amazing their differences in body stature. 

One day while June was at school, I helped a lady clean her house. Owen was my little tag a long buddy, but he just sat there, ate his cheerios and walked around on the walls a bit. Honestly I know I kinda give this kid a hard time about being a monster, or constantly into things, but for the most part he is such a good little boy. He seriously wins hearts by that flashy smile, and he listens rather well... for a one year old. Hahaha. 

Owen discovered how much fun it is to feed Ranger, which means Owen never eats his lunch. He loves it and giggles and claps every time. I might have to make another sandwich, but its worth those giggles and happy claps! 

We had ONE warm day before it turned cold again and we spent every minute we could outside. 
June hasn't really taken to the stride bikes. She rather would be peddling her bike or pushing her scooter, but the day we went to the park I asked her what she wanted to bring and she said her red bike. She rode it for a while, but then asked where the peddles were... hahaha I told her good point. She still likes to ride it though and her other bike has peddles, so I think she's set for a while.

 We played at the park to our hearts content. 

Owen full on fell into a deep sleep in this position with cracker half way up to his mouth. Poor kid, Lunch is pushed back a bit the days June has school so he is always so tired eating lunch. 

My little lady has been obsessed with baking lately. We have made bread, cookies, muffins... so on and so on. She loves being in the kitchen helping her mom with whatever task is at hand. She has gotten really good at cracking eggs and putting them into the mixture all by herself. I hope she got the baking gene. I don't have it so much. And does she not look so grown up in this picture?! I sent it to Dan and work, and he was blown away at how old she looks. We officially have a little girl! 

Their chairs have been their number one go to place, to play, watch cartoons, read books. It's been awesome. If one has a chair out the other one has to have their chair. I should just leave them out, but for now they stay in their rooms until asked otherwise. 

June has been learning how to change her own clothes.. taking on and off. It takes forever morning and night to change her clothes, but she loves it and thats what it's all about. 

She also loves under the table lately. She eats and then goes and lays under the table on a regular basis. 

Owen is refusing to walk, so he just walks around cupboards and really any object to hold him up. He CAN walk, he just does it when he doesn't know he's doing it, but as soon as he realizes he isn't holding on to anything he slowly drops down to his knees. Lazy baby.  :)

Our 2014 blog book came and we couldn't get over how large it was. We thought 2013 was big! hahaha This is a comparison to our first blog book 2008, to now.. 2014. Turns out I really love to blog!

One Saturday, after a morning birthday party, Dan and I went for a run. Owen was not impressed and neither were we. We underestimated how cold it was and only ran like a mile. We were all freezing by the time we got home, but we got out and did our run!

Dan flipped Owen's carseat so now both babies are turned towards us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!! Oh man life in the car is SOOOOO much easier when you can reach them! Looking forward to our first road trip like this! 

Keeping the blood flowing on cold days. We love our Wii. We bought it back when it was just Dan and I, now June is starting to really get into it. She loves it too! 

 The weather got above 50 and so outside we went. Owen was napping and June so desperately wanted to get into the pool. I told her it was still too cold, so she opted to cleaning it instead. We CANNOT wait for summer!! 

Our Puppy Ranger turned 6! It's so crazy that he is that old. 

That night we had a little birthday party for him, with doggy cake and a few gifts. We got him new dog bowls which he refuses to eat of, so we are trying to adjust him to them. He's so funny about it, and a new blanket for his dog bed. June helped make the doggy cupcakes. They were made of all good ingredients but kinda nasty. Range loved them, so did Owen. Haha 

We love our Range dog. He can be super annoying at times, but he simply is the best and we couldn't imagine our family without him. We don't even want to think of the future when he gets older... 

 We have been pretty busy lately so haven't had hardly anytime at the library. Between school, errands and playdates, the library hasn't been on the priority list... So Dan got home from his first round of golf of the season (WOOT)  and we decided to go to the library. I've missed it. 

This little man LOVES books. Giving him a book always solves the crying problem, and a book is a must when changing his diaper. He loves turning the pages and could look at them forever. Both our kids have been little book worms and I LOVE IT!! 

So the beginning of the year has been good. We are excited for our upcoming awesomeness and are really looking forward to the year! 

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