Monday, January 26, 2015

Scrub Scrub

When Dan and June go to gymnastics...

I get to hangout with my little OD and it's the most fun just being with him. It can be hard catching every little moment when there are two little ones always wanting your attention. So it is so special to have one on one time.

Little OD was being the most adorable thing in the bath and cracking me up. Like literally laugh out loud, so I had to bust out the camera and catch a few of those moments, and I also stepped back and just watched this little human explore the bath tub all to himself. I could sit and watch them explore all around them for hours.

He was real upset I pulled the plug from the bathtub. It's not everyday he gets the tub all to himself. 

               It really takes my breath away at times how much I love these little people of mine.

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