Wednesday, January 28, 2015

And He Walks!

Ok so really Owen's real first steps were 1.25.215. He only took about 2 steps and then fell on his knees. But now he is getting better and better! Taking way more steps and more willing to walk places. He will hold my hand and walk anywhere, but still prefers to crawl when he wants to get somewhere fast. He was walking like crazy at the park today, so I figured that I could officially claim that OD is walking! It's so much fun to just watch his little mind at work, trying to figure out the next step!
I am so so so proud of him and just love this little boy to pieces!

Here is a short video of him walking...

OWeN Walking from Lesli Lancaster on Vimeo.

This is sort of a bad picture of him walking, but for blog book purposes I thought I best to have this documented with a picture!! 

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