Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Felt kinda awesome today

Ok, so I have to tell you, that today I am sorta feeling pretty awesome today.  First off, yesterday we started painting our bedroom, from a super dark color to a light color. It took forever to paint over since we had to really cover the dark. 

Today, I really wanted it to be a surprise for when Dan got home and finished the touch ups of paint, and completely get our bedroom back together. Our bed was in the middle of the room, right up against our dresser, and just stuff, crap, paint things, screws, covers for all the outlets... so on and so forth scattered from the hall way to the far end of our bathroom. 

I put it all back together myself! I took it slow, I know I'm 16 weeks pregnant. I was smart about it, but I moved our entire room around, finished painting and everything back into its place. 
I could not for the life of me get the right kind of screwdriver bit in the electric drill, and since I wanted it to be a surprise for Dan, I couldn't text him and ask him how to get it out, so  I hand drilled everything into the walls. The hardest part was the curtains. My hand was screaming in pain, but I was bound and determined to get it all done. And I did, and I feel super awesome about it. 

Second of all I had a great day with the kids. They were super awesome about letting me clean up our bedroom, wanting to "help" and just playing and trashing our living room. Plus eating Lucky Charms for breakfast. 
A bunch of moms got together today and played in the church gym with riding toys, and we fed the kids lunch. It was great to mingle and let the kids run rapid. Plus not being in this horrible heat! June and Owen had fun, and I had fun chit chatting with other moms

After naps/quiet time I finished cleaning our room, (like vacuuming since I can't do it while Owen is sleeping)

We then finger painted, stamped, colored and all the things you can possibly think of with paper, to our hearts content, and just played. While I made dinner, the kids played in the sandbox.

Finished the night with a great Relief Society activity, came home and wrapped up a few items of business around the house, and now I am sitting in the comfort of my bed, my beautiful children sound asleep, and listening to my insanely handsome husband laugh at something he's reading. 

Right now, I'm just feeling good. I feel motivated, energized, and just generally happy. 

I liked today. 

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