Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mid August Randoms

As I read other family member's or friend's blogs, I read all about how summer is slowly coming to a close. How the weather is starting to cool down and fall is slowly creeping in...
Not here. Not even close. August is probably our hottest month in Texas and it seems like this heat will never go below 100. Though we are expected to have some storms roll in later this week, which will drop the temps to the lower 90's. So though summer seems to be wrapping up for some, we are still going strong. 

August has so far been a steady month for us. Our days are ours to do as we please, with very little scheduling conflicts. I know, in about two weeks, once school starts and our other fall extracurricular activities begin, we won't have these easy laid back, lazy days. So I am really trying to suck in as much of these days as I can before it changes.

This kid!  He definitely has a mind of his own already, and it's rather hard to change it once he gets an idea. He's adventurous and not scared of anything. It's terrifying. I mean the things he is already climbing and attempting to do, gives me a heart attack. I am shocked he hasn't had a broken arm or any stitches yet. We could be in trouble with this kid. 

With this heat we have obviously been living in the pool. 

Reading books 

I needed to get some cleaning done... so the best thing is to do, is let the kids make a mess somewhere  else. Oatmeal and flour. It keeps them busy for so long! It's a huge mess, but my bathrooms sure looked spectacular!

While prepping our room to paint, Owen was playing with some figurines in the window. He was being so sweet and it was cute to watch him play. 

The kids were helping me paint our room (Owen's belly and legs are proof of that) but with the fumes I was a little worried about their brain cells, so we took a break and played outside all afternoon. We have been really loving animals frozen in water, ever since our friend showed us this fun little trick. The kids love squirting water bottle on them and playing "Rescue". Owen more like throws his until the ice breaks, whatever works little man. 

While at Lowes getting our paint mixed, I was looking at all these colors. It makes me excited and anxious to get started on June and Owen's room. I would start now if I felt Owen was ready for a big bed, but I still think it will be a while. Still though, all those colors just get me all giddy inside. 

Lunch at Chick- Fil-a one afternoon. 

And play places when the kids don't want to swim 

This little boy and Owen played together the whole time. They were super cute together. 

The kids helping me unload the dishwasher. It takes double the time to get in unloaded but they were enjoying themselves, so I couldn't stop the fun. 

Though we may do other things, 90 percent of the time we are outside by the pool.

Saturday morning we took the kids to get my car washed and cleaned out. 

We then hit up the library. One of my books that I have had on hold for like six months finally became available! So we made a morning of it. 

Then we hit the pool for the remainder of the day. 

We stayed outside until the sun slowly went down. When we realized that it was 7pm and hadn't had dinner or baths we attempted to wrangle in the kids, but they were having so much fun, so we stayed out even longer. 

taking selfies on mommy's phone 

We had a movie night and brought out the air mattress for the kids to lay on. More like bounce on. They were loving it when we deflated it. 

Sunday after church, Dan went out and got the grill ready for dinner. June went out and kept him company. 

Owen stayed in and helped me prep dinner. 

playing lego's 

 My energy level has finally come back and it feels so so good! I have started getting back into working out, like yoga and small pregnancy cardio workouts and walking/running in the mornings with the kids. I am only going like 2 miles... so nothing big, but compared to doing nothing at all is a huge improvement. If we get out the door by 8am then we can actually enjoy the park for a little bit. It has been so nice and the kids have been loving playing at the park again. 

Recently June has taken it upon herself to completely dress herself. And she does awesome. Ok when I mean awesome, I mean nothing matches and it's great going out in public in some of her outfit choices but she loves it and feels like such a big girl. I just moved all of her clothes down to her lower drawers so she can have all the choices of her clothes. 

Lastly we have been painting our finger nails and toe nails non-stop. We found this nail polish that is super easy to clean up and June has loved painting her finger nails ever since the first time I painted her nails, so it has been rather fun for the kids. Owen does anything that June does. It keeps both of them busy for quite a while. Owen usually gets it more places then just his fingernails but it cleans up good enough that I don't mind. He just walks around with a colorful belly most mornings. 
So we are good. Surviving the heat and soaking in summer since we seem to have a couple more months of warm weather. 

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