Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween 2016

The week of Halloween was a fast blur of fun. It usually always is. With different activities going on and wearing costumes all week, it makes for a pretty good time. 

The few days before Halloween the kids partied at school. They were in their Halloween parade. Owen's was first. His parade was on Wednesday. The only day he goes to school. It was so cute, he was holding hands with his little buddies and then got so beyond excited to see me there. It made my heart burst. He just kept pointing at me and waving in excitement! 

His class is all boys. I'm sure it makes for an interesting and rough day! Haha 

June's parade was on Thursday. She dressed up like Elsa because Witches and Ghosts are not allowed at school. So she got to be a princess for her Halloween party. 

This is June's little friend Liam. Ask her who she plans to marry and it's always Liam. He is always so sweet with June and just the other day June had a dentist appointment in the middle of the day so we just skipped school. Liam's mom texted me to tell me how sad Liam was that June was gone. I love little friendships like this. 

June's preschool class. 

This year me and another mom were in charge of the kids Halloween party. So we decorated the class room, played games, had treats and then did a little trick or treat around their class. It was a great success and the kids had a wonderful time. 

Friday night was our ward's Trunk or Treat. Dan and I attempted to be Sandy and Danny from "Grease". Some people caught the reference and some people didn't. It's ok though, it was fun dressing up, making my hair go huge and having Dan put on that leather jacket. I truly love that jacket. 

The kids playing cake walk. 

Playing more games 

The kids were in the costume parade 

My little one shoed Tinker Bell. 

We then headed outside to do our trunk or treating! It was Owen's first time and he did pretty good. He did his round and then started telling people that he had enough and headed back to our car. 

Our Trunk or Treat station. So we kinda failed in the decorating our trunk this year. We actually had other plans that night but due to some illness with our friends we had to quickly change the game plan and ended up going to the trunk or treat. We pulled it off though. 

Dan and I had some later plans that evening so we brought the kids pajamas and got them ready for bed before we went home. The kids were out. June was asleep like this. How uncomfortable!! Haha 

Saturday we carved pumpkins!

June loved cleaning out all the guts of the pumpkin. She said that it was her favorite part!

As we went out and put the pumpkins on the steps. It then hit me that this will be our last Halloween in this house. I then got all the feelers and emotional because oh how I will miss this crooked little house. 

On the actual day of Halloween I woke up feeling awesome!! I mean just so happy. Everything felt light, the kids were in a good mood, I was in a good mood and I knew it was just going to be a good day. I've missed that feeling of no stress! 
I went to yoga in the morning. June wanted to wear her costume and she said she felt like a flying witch when hanging out on the bicycle rack. 

We came home and made lunch. Owen wanted a car sandwich and June wanted pumpkins. We did what we could. The kids loved it though! 

June changed costumes mid day through, got in her makeup and made herself pretty. 

We played halloween games all afternoon and played outside until it was time to get ready for trick or treating. 

We had pumpkin quesadillas and blood eye drinks. Again, a win with the kids! 

Daddy came home and we prepared ourselves and the house for trick or treaters. 

My adorable trick or treaters 

Then trick or treating began 

Kate was awesome and just chewed on her glowing pumpkin all night 

June ran ahead so Owen was on his own for a couple of houses. He was so brave. He knocked on the doors said "Trick or Treat". It was adorable. Like so adorable. 

The candy loot. The kids scored lots of candy. 

Owen wouldn't let anyone touch his candy. It was killing Dan to not sort his candy. It's his favorite part of Halloween and he couldn't sort the candy. Haha 

We had a great Halloween. It was low key and easy going. Loved this year! 
Happy Halloween! 

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