Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kate at 10 Months

Dear Kate, Katers, chub chubs and lovey,
Oh sweet thing you are 10 months old today. I can't believe how quickly time is going. I wish it to slow down but then I don't because I love watching you grow and getting more and more of a personality. It is so much fun watching you learn new things! 
You are growing growing growing. You are wearing 12-18mo old clothes and even some 12mo clothes are getting to small for you. You are such a little chunk! 
You love your hands! Clapping and high fives are your absolute favorite and we can get you rolling with laughter. You also love to twirl your hands. It's your little quirk that I absolutely adore. 
You are definitely on the move. We can't leave you anywhere anymore! You simply move to much. I'm not quite sure I'm ready for you to be mobile, but I can't stop it so I guess I embrace it. 
You love to eat all things. Well most things anyway. It's been so great having your feed yourself now and that we can just put food on your tray and you go to town. Owen and June love to feed you all sorts of foods. Your favorites are Crispex, blueberry muffins, apples, green peppers and all things puffy. You aren't a fan of green beans but you will eat them. You just have a disgusted look on your face when you eat them. Haha 
You're chewing on everything and you officially have one tooth. Thats all and really no sight of any others. Your siblings were all late teethers. So it's all good. You handle teething ok, you've been a bit more cranky but for the most part nothing stops that happy little face of yours. 
You truly love your daddy. You love his shoulder and will snuggle right up to him. You've been pretty sick this past week and I can just see you melt into daddy's big arms when he holds you. I would be jealous but I see so much love that I can't help but swoon of the two of you. 
Kate, we just love you. You are such a special little thing and we are so grateful for all the love you bring into our home. 
Happy 10 months little one. 
Love, mom 

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