Tuesday, November 29, 2016

November Randoms

Well hello and goodbye November! It was a fun month of just random festive things. 

Kate just being her awesome self at a play place one afternoon

My blue box at Tiffany's. Hahaha  It really was just to replace my old Tiffany's chain that broke, but still. Dan totally made fun of me for documenting it, but hey, It's not everyday that a girl gets a blue box from Tiffany's so yeah... I documented it. 

More Park Days. Owen got a remote control car for his birthday and beats that thing to crap. He loves taking it to the park and running it off of slides and ramps. I'm so surprised the poor car has survived so many crashes!

June was pretty pumped over her tree climbing skills 

Daddy using Kate to keep warm on a chilly park morning 

Every other Sunday I have Ward Council, which means Dan has to get everyone ready all by himself. I forgot to lay out their cloths the night before, but Dan totally nailed it! He did so great with dresses  and matching bows! I really just loved my family extra on this Sunday so I snapped a picture of them quietly sitting on the pew (which isn't  common) and eating their snacks. 

One rainy day we tie-dyed shirts that Nana and Papa Lancaster sent us! It was a huge mess and we were all covered in dye by the time we were done but the kids loved it!! 

Christmas Shopping online also means lots of big boxes comes through the house! Entertainment all afternoon

June's final product of one of her shirts. Owen refuses to wear his. He keeps saying they are dirty! Hahaha 

June was super into the election this year. They held an election at their school and she felt like she knew everything. She asked if she could stay awake with us to watch the results. Well it got to be round 10:30 so we thought it best for her to go to sleep. She was pretty bummed about it. Then Dan and I tried to stay awake. We got to 1am and then headed to bed ourselves. 

June wrote me a song. I truly love this girls love of all things music!

More days at the park

We played so hard at the park that we lost track of time! We had walked to our park that day and didn't get home until after dark. The sunset was really pretty that day though and made for a good walk home. 

June at age 2 and Kate at 9 months. Both wearing the exact same dress. It's crazy the different sizes the kids are!

Our Friends-giving was a success! 

 Getting ready in the mornings has turned into putting makeup on this little lady as well. 

More days at the park. Our weather has been weirdly warm 

One afternoon we made turkeys 

The more turkeys we made the more crazy they got. We ended up with Monster Turkeys 

I turn 30 next month. I have talked to many of you about this, but I am so ready for 30. I feel like I'm in that stage of my life where I just should be 30. I've never been one to look back and wish for the younger years... With that said though I wanted to do something that I have never done so if it were a huge mistake I could say I did it in my 20's. Haha Just like Dan did. His turned out awesome though so....
Anyways, I have never dyed my hair before and I wanted to do something super dark. I've always loved dark hair. My friend did it (who is a professional stylist) and we added a chunk of blue on  the bottom for my rebellious side. I love it. I love the color and I loved doing the blue. I'm going to add color to my hair all the time now. 

Days spent at home playing with toys and watching cartoons 

We had the kids Thanksgiving feast at their school. Our last one at Holy Covenant. So so sad. Dan came and we all were able to sit together. 

guys, it's pretty adorable that when the kids see each other at school they get super excited and hug. Their teachers tell me this all the time. And they get sad when one isn't on the playground. Hahaha they fight like cats and dogs but they truly are the best of little friends. 

We do a lot of yoga in our house. I'm pretty sure June does it more than I do. She is working on her headstand here and trying so hard to do it on her own. 

 Choir practice one day. Owen loved this little blue slide that was way too small for him. Haha but he just kept going down it. 

We played with friends 

Trips to Costco 

Early morning Ward Council led to a beautiful quiet morning. It was the first true frost of the year and it took my breath away. The air was so fresh. I had to stop and take a picture. 

June learned how to blow a bubble 

Kate got incredibly sick with croup. The worst croup we have had yet in our house. The first night we spent most of the night in the shower with steam and outside with the cold air to help her lungs and cough. 
This was at about 3:30am. He loves her so much. I'm so grateful for an amazing husband but I'm even more grateful for the love he has for his children. 

The next day we kept her home and Dan and our home teachers gave her a blessing. 

We were told night two would be worse and boy was it. We heard a horrible wheezing sound coming from Kate. When we went in to check on her she had the most panicked look on her face. She literally could not breath. I panicked but Dan of course remained calm and we ended up taking her to the ER. Croup and Stridor. We knew that but we knew she needed a steroid fast to help her lungs.

She is slooooooooowly on the mend. Her cough is still pretty wet but at least we don't have the barking cough and trouble breathing. It was horrible. 

Library Days 

And days just so simple but yet so enjoyable. 

Kate's first pigtails! Her hair is finally getting long enough to put them in rubber bands! And look how big she looks in this picture! She's growing like crazy!! 

A quiet night, writing Christmas cards and listening to Christmas music. Oh I love this time of year! The magic behind everything, the special feeling of comfort and love, plus all the festivities and food. It truly so the most wonderful time of the year. 

And more time with friends. We were eating lunch and they were all giggling because they each had their own apple. I don't get kids sometimes but they sure were making me laugh about it. 

It's been great November! Not bring on Christmas!!! 

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