Sunday, November 13, 2016

Kate's Feet

Our little Kate has a few little quirks about how she sleeps. She has to have a blanket basically shoved in her face but she also moves around until her little feet find the bars on the crib and slip through the cracks. Then she is seems to be so content and fall asleep. 
I'm not really surprised about the blanket thing. All three of my children are have a security blanket. Heck, I have one. Haha
Her little feet and legs are another thing. At first we thought it was just a coincidence but then we started noticing that she would move her little body around until she found the crack. 90% of her naps are woken up with anger because she has managed to move her entire legs through the bars. Blocking the cracks just bug her. So we just let it go and try and move her legs when she falls asleep. 

Every once in a while its a little hand or arm 

But mostly it's her legs and feet 

I caught this right as Owen was about to wake her up! I had to hurry and grab him. Haha 

She's just so cute and squishy! 

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