Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Randoms

February went pretty fast. It was a fun and low key month. 

We have started MCO back up and so that means our Thursday's are crazy. It also means we get to hangout while June is in choir for 45 minutes. Owen falls asleep so Kate and I just hangout. We usually clean out the car and play on the grass. Or destroying my pack of gum. 

We have started prepping our house to sell. We got a new dishwasher because we have been living with a broken one since we moved in this house. We got a new one to help sell the house. I unloaded it all on my own and Dan installed it. We can do anything as a couple!! We're awesome!

Our weather has been AMAZING!!! Let me  say that again. AMAZING!!! We have been living outside as much as possible! It's been so fantastic! 

We are climbing up things now days, which also means climbing down things and falling and rolling down stairs. I guess they learn eventually. Poor thing.

Warm enough weather for the kids to play in the pool. The water is FREEZING but that doesn't stop the kids. June plunged right into the water. What are we going to do without our pool!?! 

 Some times June falls asleep in our bed. This particular night she was so peaceful with her little arm wrapped around her lamb and wearing daddy's T-shirt. She's growing up. Too quickly. 

 Prepping our house means getting rid of a lot of stuff we just don't need anymore. I gave our little bouncer away to someone who needed it. I'm always sad to give away things that I have memories of with all three of my babies. 

One day, after my yoga class, Owen randomly asked if we could go have lunch with daddy. So we called daddy up and off to lunch we went. I was a sweaty mess but totally worth it, seeing how happy Owen was to have lunch with his daddy! 

Back to playing in the pool! They were mixing their giant bowl of soup!

Many walks to our little local park. I love getting on my longboard! 

My little buddy and I. 

I went to my first yoga workshop and it was incredible. I can honestly say I have never sweat more in my entire life than I did that day. My yoga mat was soaked! It was an incredible experience, I learned so so much!  I cannot wait to do it again. 

I became really good buddies with this girl next to me. Her name was Danielle. We bonded. 

Just an everyday moment. Sand box all day long. 

Wii games at night. We play Mario Kart a lot. June has actually started playing and getting pretty good! Ok no, she is awful, but she can stay on the road and doesn't get last place every time. Hahaha 

We also play A LOT of LIFE. June loves it and Owen just likes to spin the wheel and fill his car full of girls. June gets super into it. It's fun playing games with her! 

June's school had a President's day parade 

Dan and I try to give each other a night out each week after the kids go to bed. On my night, I went and saw "La La Land". I love being alone. Always have and probably always will. It rejuvenates me.  I sent Dan this picture to let him know I made it to the theater and had my drink and popcorn. 

Trying to capture a lot of moments that I have taken for granted the last five years in this house. Things that I know I will miss. Like this window in our playroom. 

Kate is slowly but surly picking up on this walking thing! 

I really need to try and capture on film what it's like when Dan comes home everyday. He is just swarmed by the kids. The recent thing is how Kate reacts. She try's crawling so fast to daddy before the other kids can get him. When they get to him first she just reaches out her little arms so hard and makes a screeching sound until he picks her up! They love their daddy! 

We ended up in the ER with Kate because of a 105 fever that would not come down. What's weird is that for the past three years we have been in the ER on February 27th. THREE YEARS IN A ROW!! Weird right!? I think I officially hate February 27th! 

So long February! 

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