Sunday, October 15, 2017

September Randoms

September always seems to be the kick off to a crazy rest of the year. Once Dan's birthday happens, it always feels like we are completely busy all the time. It's a love/hate relationship. I mean I love all the festivities but it sometimes can feel overwhelming. 
September was a good month. Here are a few highlights...

Dan can never sit alone. If he is sitting on a chair than all three kids usually end up on there with him. 

Kate is my little buddy. My tag along that puts up with a lot of errands. She LOVES books. I can sit her on a chair for a while with a big pile of books and she will be content. 

We have been enjoying the cooler weather and taking our book reading outside. 

I took this picture thinking that we were getting rid of our very first carseat. Thought I would document it. It was a good one to us. We realized we had family coming into town and would need it. So we haven't trashed it yet, but it's getting close to that time. And I'll be honest, it feels good. I'm ready to be done with baby things! 

June and Kate were so cute cuddled up on our bed watching cartoons. 

Documenting Kate's first pony tail. The girl has some fantastic hair! Including the most perfect blonde curls. 

Owen has really really become my best little man. I'm thinking being 4 years old will definitely be his age. He is so helpful with Kate and seems to be so much more understanding. The tantrums are far and few between. 

When the older two are at school that is when I plan most of my shopping. I thought how awesome it will be to just have Kate. She has become a little terror when shopping and throwing her mini m&m's on the ground really seemed to top it off that day. 

Spending our last few days at the pool. 

One morning when I was doing a practice yoga session, June and Kate wandered in. June wanted her own mat so I rolled one out for her. Kate then got upset because she wanted one. So I rolled one out for her as well. We had a fun little morning doing different yoga poses. 

June had her Boost A Thin fundraiser where you pledge money for each lap the child runs. She had a great time doing it and ran all 35 laps plus some. 

Owen and kate both had fevers that morning and weren't feeling well. So they were pretty groggy when I dragged them to June's school. 

When we got home later that morning Owen and Kate fell asleep. Croup hit our house pretty hard that week. It took Owen all week to recover. One day he literally slept all but a couple of hours in a 24 hour span. 

Kate was struggling too. We snuggled a lot that week. She didn't get it as bad as Owen but her cough became the worst. 

I walked into the kitchen and found this one day. It made me laugh. 

Owen wandered downstairs one night while Dan was watching the cowboys game. Owen was very intrigued so Dan and him watched the game together. Owen was asking him all sorts of questions. It was pretty adorable watching those two interact. 

We had Kate's first appointment with a hip and joint specialist followed by a physical therapist at the Scottish Rite Hospital. Nothing immediate was found and everything looks good from a physical stand point. She is making small, very very very small improvements and we are trying to be patient. She isn't walking yet but we have exercises and different techniques we are trying with her. It's definitely a process but I know we will get there. I think.... 
She loved getting the juice box of her choice and a snack of her choice while we were there though. And of course all of the attention she was getting! Haha 

Nothing crazy out of the ordinary for September. Gearing up for fall and all festivities to come our way! 

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