Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Dan has had a beard now for a solid 5 years. Our whole life here in Texas has been Dan with a beard. It honestly is weird to think that he used to not have one. I now associate Dan with a beard. He loves it, I love it, and our children know no different so all in all the beard stays.

November came along, which means "Movember". It is a charity supporting mens health where you grow a mustache or change your facial hair in some way so that people notice. When they talk to you about it you are supposed to talk and support mens health. It's for a good cause. 
After work one night Dan told me that he was going to shave his beard and donate to Movemeber. I totally thought he would chicken out, but he supported the cause. He told me before Halloween and since we were going as pirates he decided to shave it all pirate style...

He thought it best to shave it down a bit for Sunday, but with Owen being so sick, Dan stayed home that day so I could go to church. 

He went to work on Monday with only a mustache. He missed his beard so much. So he now is growing it back. It's actually come back for the most part and came back so much darker. We will see if it will lighten up. After this little experiment Dan has learned that he still is and thinks he always will be a beard man. 

June's reaction was so funny to daddy not having a beard anymore, But once she saw daddy's mustache she wanted one of her own. 

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