Sunday, November 9, 2014

Owen's Troubles

To say this little guy has had it rough the past few weeks is an understatement. It's been down right miserable for him, and it's been pretty darn sad and miserable for me as well. 
I guess we will just start with the big trouble first.

About 3 weeks ago, (around the kiddo's birthdays) Owen started feeling rather sick to his stomach and having some pretty bad diarrhea... sorry, should have warned you. This gets kinda gross. 
At Owen's one year appointment I mentioned this to his doctor. Which at this point had only been a few days. I told her that June had just had a flu bug, so she told me to keep an eye on him, but thought it could just be the same stomach bug. 
It hasn't gotten any better.
We have gone through a million and one options of food allergies, milk allergies, ANYTHING! This to me is the hardest part about being a mother. The guessing of everything! We resorted back the basics of basics. Formula and gentle things for a baby stomach. Nothing changed. 
It has been about 3 weeks of what has felt like a newborn all over again. Up all hours of the night, and dealing with blow out after blow out of diarrhea. Guys, It's been ugly. It' so hard watching him scream when it's happening, but all I can do is wait for it to pass. I hate it so much. We are all exhausted. I think I've cried over him more this week out of pure sadness for my little boy, than I have the entire time he's been born. Dan and I had the awesome experience of scooping out poop into 4 containers for tests to be ran. That was a real treat to be doing in the middle of the night.. or day.. all in all a great experience... 
We should be getting test results back this week and praying that there is a find to his problem and a quick and easy solution. Thankfully he is a pretty happy little boy when he's not feeling like his stomach is being ripped out. 

His poor little troubles just keep on coming though:
-He pulled down a chair, (from when I was mopping the floor) and landed square on him, giving him a bloody nose. 
- He fell in the bath tub, bit right through his tongue 
-Fell AGAIN in the tub gave himself a nice bruise on his head and under his chin 
-He climbed into my bathroom cupboard and played with my razor which sliced 3 of his fingers. 

The majority of those are my fault. It's been quite the learning curve having a much more active little one around. I am taking these lessons in stride, and am learning from them for sure!! Like now I mop floors while Owen naps, and don't be an idiot and leave a razor where a baby can climb and reach it! duh!
Don't you worry, I'm giving back my mother of the year award!

We are hoping things start looking up really soon because we are pretty exhausted over here. 

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