Sunday, November 2, 2014


I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween. We sure did, and we celebrated and celebrated and celebrated again.

Our's was more of a Halloween week, and it started with a playdate at the park in costumes. It was fun getting dressed up for the first time. June has been so excited to wear her doctor coat and be Doc McStuffins. Owen obviously could care less. In this picture he looks like he is being the amazing Hulk, but he actually is a Dragon. 
He is just working mighty hard at standing. 

Later that evening we actually had two pumpkin carving parties that we were going to attend, but then last minute Dan and some guys from work decided to go to the Dallas Cowboys football game. Dan was hesitant because we had "Family" plans, but the Cowboys only play once, (Other than Thanksgiving) not on a Sunday. So I absolutely thought it was a great time to go! In fact it was a must! He had a great time and I'm really glad he went. 

 Thursday was June's school Halloween party. She got to dress up, and have a trick or treat party with all her  little classmates. Plus a little pizza party.

Her face! hahahaha 

My little DocMcstuffins. SHE IS THE BEST!!! 

When we got home she was sooooooooo excited to show me her Trick or Treat bag that she made. We still have it and she sorts her candy from it everyday. She's really big into sorting into piles right now, so Halloween candy was the perfect thing to sort. 

When Owen went down for his nap we went outside and played. The weather was beautiful!! 

We've had Halloween music on all month. I attempted to teach June "Thriller". These are her zombie dancing arms. 

Her Ghost. It finally dried and we were able to hang it up. 

The next morning, June woke up and I told her to go play for a bit while I got Owen up. I came out and this is how I found her, chomping down on candy. 

We painted our nails halloween colors

Since Halloween was on a Friday, we went down to Dan's work and met him for lunch. Lunch was  quick due to a cranky Owen. He's been through a few things the past couple days... Another blog post  about that later. 
Both kids fell asleep on the way home! WHICH NEVER HAPPENS!! 
June fell asleep and slept a couple hours. It was great because we knew she would be up late because of all the Halloween festivities. 

The kiddos woke up happy and we got to carving our pumpkins!

Our end results. Dan and June's was the smiley face and mine and Owen's is the stitched mouth!

Then it was time to get ready to go trick or treating!!! We got all dressed and took some pictures!

June had this awesome idea to drag Owen by his tail. (Video)

Uh... obviously we dressed up! It's Halloween!! June Really wanted us to be pirates, and so we were pirates. We always have a really fun time dressing up... Yes. Dan's beard is shaved. And it's even MORE shaved today. More in a later blog post about that!


Owen got stuck in the stroller. Next year bud!

June and daddy were the door knocking duo. 

Owen and I rocked out on the sidewalk at each house

Patiently waiting. Yelling "TRICK OR TREAT"

A little clip of June Trick or Treating. (VIDEO)

June was beyond words to see Elsa and Tinker Bell in the same house!!

Of course these two are beyond adorable together!

We aren't too bad either. The little dragon on my arm definitely adds to the cuteness in this picture.

It was hard to have June stop. She was loving it but it was getting cold and getting dark and late. It was time to call it a night!
Kiddos in their Halloween Pajamas.

We put Owen to bed and let June sort her candy

Halloween was a very successful day! It was so much fun with the kids! June was wired and had a harder time falling asleep that night, but once she fell asleep she was OUT COLD!! 

We had a handful of Trick or Treaters. About 16. Which was perfect because we had 18 full size candy bars and we had two left over for Dan and I... not that we didn't have enough candy in our house. 

I LOVED getting trick or treaters. I would get so excited each time the door bell rang. It's fun, and little kids are so excited and happy and I just love all the excitement. 
Funny thing... 3 boys came to our door. They had to have been 12 or 13. Young. I had on my Life Guard sweater, and this 12 year old kid says this to me: 
"Hey, you a life guard... cuz you just saved my life." In his best, not hit puberty yet, seductive voice. 

He's 12. hahaha I wished them a Happy Halloween. Closed the door, and I go sit back down.
Dan asked "Did that kid just hit on you?!" It was pretty funny. I'm glad I could make a 12 year olds night. 

Don't worry our Halloween did not end....
Our Wards Trunk or Treat was the Saturday After Halloween. 
We got dressed up, one more time and headed to the church. 

Dan was helping judge the chili cook-off. Owen was happy on the floor so June and I were messing around. 

They put whipping cream on the bishopric and had the little kids throw marshmallow's at the face. It was fun, but a HUGE mess to clean up. 

After eating and playing, we headed out for our trunk or treat 

Our Trunk

My little helper. He was such a trooper. 

Stoppin at our trunk. 

It was a fun night! 

Afterward we were helping clean up, and Owen was just watching some boys throw the football around. He was loving it. 

We celebrated Halloween to it's core and we definitely wore out our costumes. 
It was a very fun week! I'm glad it's over and It felt good to take down the Halloween decorations. 

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Cisneros Family said...

Holy Halloween Fun!! Looks like a fun, successful week! Adorable costumes. Wished we lived closer to trick or treat together!!