Thursday, December 17, 2015

December Randoms

It's already been a crazy month with lots of fun festivities and what feels like a million other things going on, plus being 8 months pregnant adds to the fun, but we haven't slowed down any! 

Here are a few random day stuff... A few, I mean a lot. 

He was just funny one day in the car with his blanket wrapped around his head. You all know how much my kids are obsessed with their blankets. I don't know if that kind of attachment is healthy or not, but both June and Owen LOVE their blankets. 

The next day after getting home from Colorado, We all went and picked out our Christmas tree for the season. 

June really wanted to help daddy tie the tree on the roof! Why not?! She was loving it! 

Christmas time, also means our elf is back! June has actually been asking when P.J. was going to make his appearance, so it was fun when he was finally able to come back to our house. 

The kids woke up to mini pancakes for breakfast. 

The next night after getting our tree, we decorated it! The kids were big helps this year, which means all the ornaments pretty much ended up at the bottom of the tree... I seriously just couldn't move them. Everything is super sentimental and emotional for right now and I just felt so much love and grateful for those little hands that hung these ornaments on the tree. So I left them. Our tree is a little ornament heavy on the bottom, but I love our tree so much this year. 
Owen started hanging ornaments on top of ornaments at one point. 

One morning after breakfast, I was cleaning up and realized I hadn't heard from June in a bit. I couldn't find her and then checked her room. She had gone back to bed. Hahaha 

Dan and I went to a MUSE concert one night. It was totally on a weekday too. We felt so young and hip. Oh wait I am huge pregnant and by midnight we were both pretty tired! Haha but it was still so so so much fun!! 

Just having fun one day while June was at school. Don't mind my massive red nose. We had a nasty cold run through our house and it would not leave! Owen is still coughing at night! It's the worst and its been about three weeks! 

One late afternoon, we went and played at our usual park for a bit. 

Our star broke this year and it took us a while to get a new one. We finally got one and June bug was ecstatic to finally put the star on the tree! 

The kids playing Disney Jr. games before bed 

Fall arrives in December here in Texas and it is beautiful!! 

We went to our Church's annual nativity!  They always do such a good job! 

June was more interested in the scavenger hunt of nativities!

June sat down and little Owen sat down right next to her and June said "Wait mom! The show is about to start!" Hahaha she didn't quite get, that the live nativity was just that. 

One Saturday afternoon, we went downtown Dallas and enjoyed the afternoon in our city. When we were waiting in line to see Santa, I saw this sign on the side of a building! I had to get some pictures, it was just too awesome!

This little man loves his puzzles and is getting quite good at them!
June and I snuggled up for the annual Christmas devotional given by our LDS Church Leaders! I was impressed that June stayed with me the whole time! We were making silly faces a lot of the time so that may have something to do with it, but it was still fun sitting there with her. Owen was playing and Dan was with us on the other couch. 

This kid has the hardest time waking up from naps or in the morning. He has to wake up absolutely on his own and even then you have to give him his space until he is ready to come to you. This particular morning he was in one sour spirit and no one could do anything for him. I got him a little bowl of cereal, sat it next to him and let him be. He just sat and stared at the Christmas tree and ate. He's a weirdo. But what an incredibly adorable weirdo that I love so so much!! 

See how cute he is?! Just sitting there playing happily with his trains. You guys, He is a keeper. A crazy one, but a keeper! 

I always schedule my doctors appointments when June is at school. One less kid to juggle, so it ends up with me and my boys. I love it, we always get to have lunch after! Owen looks so grown up here! I love my boys and I like that its just those two in the boys club!

The weather has been crazy warm and we have been taking full advantage of it! I had to take a picture, because the kids were playing so well together, I was able to sit and read my book with my awesome socks and flip-flops. Mom life rules!! 

P.J. has kept June but entertained everyday! The first thing she says to me in the mornings is "Have you seen P.J.?!" Then its onto the hunt to find him!

This year June wrote what she wanted for Christmas on her own. I wrote the top part but she told me word for word what to say. She still feels Owen should be put on the "waiting list" for the Nice list. Hahaha 
This year she wants an American girl doll "Kit" (If you are familiar with these dolls, you know how excited she is for it!!) Legos (Lego Friends) and Reindeer that poops candy (I seriously have no idea where that one came from! Total left field!! I was laughing when she was writing it!

We decorated it and the envelope of course!

And mailed them off to Santa!

One day while June was at school, we went to the mall to get some Christmas shopping done, He got to play at the play place and then I treated him to McDonalds. His very own! 

June making breakfast one morning. She is so incredibly good at cracking eggs. Like better than me! Haha. 

Um, I about died over this little note June left me. She came and asked me where my big book was that I was reading... I told her was on my nightstand. Next thing I know, she comes running in with my book behind her back and says "Surprise!" She had made me a book mark!! I will always use this! She was so proud!! 

Wrapping presents! I had my little helper cutting the paper and handing me tape. 

One night I came into the living room and started to "attempt" to paint my toenails. Dan chuckled and slid right off the couch and grabbed the bottle from me. He painted my nails for me and it was super sweet of him to just swoop in and help! Things are getting harder for me to do around here and Dan has really been super helpful! 

Dan had a Christmas party for work over the weekend. He sadly went alone, I'm huge and we have had a ton of babysitters lately and we have more coming up, so we decided I would skip this one and stay home with the kids. When he got home, he had this huge trunk! He was pretty excited about it because he had one BEST DESSERT of the night! He had made it all on his own! Inside was a bunch of fun cookie cut outs and pipping! I wish I would have taken a picture! 
So the next day we opened everything up and made sugar cookies! 

We went and did our annual drive around Highland park for all the Christmas lights. This isn't a very good picture, but the kids were loving sitting up with Dan and looking out the window and so many lights! It was heart melting for sure! 

P.J. The elf was super awesome one night while I was gone and decided to make snow angels out of powdered sugar! (cough cough Dan!)
The next morning, the kids saw it and went straight for it! They normally come get me out of bed first, but this time they had other plans. I walked out to them full on playing in it! Owen ate his fair share and it was a PAIN to clean up, but I had to laugh and they were having fun! Plus I got to sleep in a couple extra minutes which was super nice! 

This blasted gingerbread house was absolutely adorable that June made, but she won't let us throw it away! So I put it in the fridge and according to June I CANNOT throw it away until after Christmas... I asked her if I could take a picture and then just throw it away because it was taking up space in the fridge. She got so incredibly sad, but said she understood and we could throw it away. Um... The look on her face about broke me, so it now still sits in our fridge. Total pushover mother. 

Its been a good month so far and we are soooooo excited for the festivities to come!! 

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