Thursday, December 17, 2015

Our 2015 Christmas Newsletter

Merry Christmas from the Lancaster's!
     What a wonderful year it has been for us and we are so blessed and grateful for what 2015 has done to our lives. We have had some fun adventures and lived our simple day-to-day life here in Dallas, Texas. Our family would like to share with you a little glimpse into what our year has been like…

DAN: Things have been going pretty steady for Dan this year. He continues to make us laugh and keep the family somewhat calm. Despite the downward turn in oil and gas prices, Dan is still a Geologist at Pioneer Natural Resources. Even better, he was promoted to “Senior Geologist” earlier this year. He is “rocking” it (pun intended) and enjoying what he does and the people he gets to work with. Though work keeps him busy, he comes home and stays busy with two little ones bouncing with joy the moment he walks through the door. He continued to improve his golf game as much as he could this year and is still loving the sport. Dan continues on with his church responsibilities as 1st counselor in the Elders Quorum. It’s been a great opportunity to get to know a lot of members in our church and continue to serve others. His 2015 has been quite satisfying for him and through busy stressful times he keeps that good looking smile on his face. He keeps our home happy and full of laughter with the kids and always makes our family life a little better. 

LESLI: It has been a great and busy year for Lesli. She has kept a steady pace at home with two hooligans running around and pushing their limits every day.  Her days are spent keeping our lives running smoothly and life exciting for the little ones. Lesli loves spending as much time as possible with her family and keeping the craziness to a minimum. We don’t like things too calm around here and things are about to get even more crazy and exciting in January, as Lesli is pregnant with our third child. Lesli has continued to keep the momentum going and not letting this pregnancy slow her down. She’s still as go, go, go as ever! Other than hearing “mommy” hundreds of times a day, she has also been continuing singing the days away. She again participated in the Community Easter Cantata, and singing in the Millennial Choir. She is still loving all the music and singing in all the Christmas programs, even being eight months pregnant. Lesli is still serving in the Relief Society Presidency as the Secretary and has stayed plenty busy with her calling. She enjoys it and continues to love the ladies that she gets to work with. 2015 has been a great and “growing” year for Lesli and we are grateful for her light heartedness and love she brings into our home. 

JUNE: Little June bug has continued to be our little sweetheart, but continues to add a little sass into the mix. She turned four this past October and feels like she is so grown up. She watches out for her little brother, even when he would rather she leave him alone. She is a big help to her mom and is mostly willing to help out in anyway she can. Such a little people pleaser, this one. June is now on her second year in preschool and loves it. June thrives at school and is starting to write on her own. She loves writing notes and mailing them to friends and family. June is following in her mothers foot steps and has become quite the little singer. She sings all the time. She pretends to write songs and sings her life story. She keeps us entertained by her funny logic and music shows she is always performing. June started gymnastics this past year and is loving it.  She’s been able to learn a lot and has even overcome a few fears along the way.  She also tried soccer this fall.  Soccer went……ok.  Let’s just say were going to stick with gymnastics and wait a few years before we try soccer again.  June is very excited be having another baby coming and she promises she will be such a big help. We don't doubt it. June has had a great 2015 and has learned and progressed so much. She is such a joy in our lives. 

OWEN: The little man turned two this past October and terrible twos is an understatement with this guy. He makes us laugh so hard with his little ways and craziness he brings into our home. He also knows exactly how to push his limits and then become the cuddliest most lovable little boy all within five minutes. Owen keeps us moving and keeps life that much more exciting and crazy. He spends most of his days hanging with mommy, climbing on daddy and body slamming his sister. A lot of his time is spent playing with cars and screaming “PLANE!!” every time he sees one. He is all rough and tumble boy and not a whole lot slows him down, but he also is such a mama’s boy and needs his hugs and kisses from her. Owen brings the crazy to the family and we love him more than words and love how enthusiastic he is to live and learn. He’s a keeper! 

RANGER: What would we do without our puppy Ranger?! He continues to be our cuddly pup and keep us company at all times. He still loves chasing our neighbors and barking obnoxiously every time someone is at the door. Ranger and Owen have become best little buds this past year and play together constantly. We love our little Range and how he’s just another member of our family. 

OUR FAMILY IN GENERAL: Life has been really good for us this year. We have stayed busy, enjoying life and keeping things together. We traveled this year and enjoyed visiting family and spending time together. We have had some lows like our bathroom flooding and learning more and more about home repair and many highs like announcing the excitement of a new baby girl coming in January. It’s been a fun year and we are excited for what’s to come in 2016.

We love you all very much and are grateful for the love we have felt from all our friends and family this year. We hope you have enjoyed 2015 and that you have found peace and joy in your lives. Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the reason why we truly celebrate this time of year!! 


    The Lancaster Family

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