Sunday, December 27, 2015

Finishing Up Before Christmas... AND MY BIRTHDAY!

I truly hope you all had an amazing Christmas. Ours was simply fantastic and exactly what my eight month pregnant body needed. Some serious down time and being with just my little family. Before I can get to our little Christmas at home, I need to catch up on all that happened before Christmas. It's time to print the blog book, so be expecting a lot of posts within the next handful of days! 

Among with the other things we had going on, Our Relief Society Presidency was in charge of our wards Christmas party. It was a TON OF WORK and we even kept it simple. We already had a bunch of things on our plates with planning dinners for the Stake Presidency, Holiday Cheer gifts and just our normal responsibilities, so we tried to keep it as simple as possible. I will tell you what, I will never complain about a ward Christmas party ever again. The amount of planning and stress that goes into it, is insane. I am so so grateful for the women I work with and how we were able to pull it all together. By The end of the night we were so tired and beyond happy at the same time that it was finally done with! 

Our Relief Society Presidency! Love these ladies! Seriously though, I have more respect for them than ever. The amount of work that they do is amazing!! 

June had her Christmas program at school before Christmas break began. 
My little partner in crime that day. He was loving the music and jumping on the chairs. 

June getting ready to sing. They all had on scarves and hats for part of their program 

June is such a little singer. This girl sings non stop and she was so excited to be singing in her program. She sings at the top of her lungs in every song. It's awesome.

School is now out until the 5th of January! So we get to party hard for a while! 

Owen and June's new thing is climbing in where our laundry hamper goes. June calls it their super fort. They play in there all the time. The problem is, is that they open up the latch door and it falls on the actual cupboard door, so they get locked in. It's funny to watch them try and figure it out. I do go over and help them... eventually. 

The Sunday before Christmas. It's always fun getting new clothes for the kids for Christmas Sunday. 
How Owen first felt about taking pictures by the tree. 

He then realizes how awesome it is and charms us all. 

This is his attempt at saying "Cheese" He cracks me up. June is a natural, or maybe its because I take so many pictures that she has just learned its easier to not fight mom on pictures. 

After church, Owen was walking backwards and ran into our side table by our couch. It had a glass cup on it, full of water. Well the table moved when he bumped into it, knocking Owen onto his back and the glass of water landing flat on his nose and soaking him. We thought for a bit his nose was broken with how swollen it got, but it mostly just bruised around the area and under his eyes. It healed quickly though and no permanent damage done. 

The next day we headed out to play and run errands. June wanted to take a picture to send to daddy to let him know we missed him. We do that a lot and we FaceTime him a lot. 

Owens bruising in the works. 

I hate saying it, but I was simply too busy this season to do an actual gingerbread house. June had made one already at school, so I didn't feel all that guilty about it, but I did feel a little bad. I had found these painting houses that I figured could take the place on an actual gingerbread house. It compensated nicely. And WAY LESS MESS!! 

P.J. Our elf and his shenanigans. 

The next handful of days we got ready for Christmas! The days went fast and then all of the sudden it was my birthday! 

It was a great day. I am one to love my birthday and not try and hide it. I woke up that morning on the couch just because I sleep a lot on the couch. Hahaha. I'm just really pregnant now and I have a really hard time getting comfortable, so I toss and turn so much! I feel super bad for Dan who has to wake up early for work and keeping him up with my constant moving and getting up to pee 100 times a night. I find the couch more comfortable anyways! And don't get me wrong, Dan is more than willing to go sleep on the couch, but it's just easier to sneak out and not wake him up! The night before my birthday was no exception. 

We spent the morning really just doing our normal business. I had some errands I needed to get done, Dan was working and we really just went on with our day. Dan got off work and after I ran errands we met up for lunch at my favorite joint... yeah, you know where. Good Ol' Chick Fil A. Man I love that place. The kids just go play, which lets Dan and I sit and enjoy our lunch while watching the kids. 

After lunch we came home and walked into the door to this!!  Dan had snuck home from work a little early and set up a birthday table! It was such a fun surprise! 

I am not a cake eater. But I do enjoy Angel food cake and I only get it on my birthday, sometimes not even then. But Dan made one just for me and even saved the crusted part just like my mom did for me when I was a little girl. It's my favorite part of the cake! Hahaha. 

Blowing out candles. This is my last year in my 20's. This is going to sound crazy, but I wish I was just turning 30. I feel like I'm at a stage in my life where I should be in my 30's. I'm not one to fight age. And I'm kind of tired of being stuck in the 20's group.... I might feel differently about that next year, but I guess for now I will enjoy my last year in my 20's. Maybe I'll go do something wild and crazy! 

The kids loved the cake and had their fair share. It's holiday time, so their sugar intake increases quite a bit. 

Then our babysitter came over and Dan and I hit the town. We went and worked on a little personal goal of ours, which is dumb and super awesome at the same time! We spent a couple of hours on that and then headed off to a late dinner. It's all I wanted. Just some time with Dan. I needed a night of just laughing until I cried, and Dan always knows how to do it. 

So that's the wrap up now until Christmas. Hoping to get everything caught up and blogged shortly after the new year to get 2015 finished up and the blog book printed! 

And its starting to set in that we are having a baby one month from today. Or maybe sooner?! 
It's baby mode time! 

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