Saturday, October 22, 2016

Kate at 9 Months

Dear Kate, Katers, Kee-Kee (by Owen), Sweet cheeks, 
little sweet pea you are nine months old today! First off, I love you. Second, it's been bit of a rough couple weeks for you. You poor little thing. You caught a nasty little cold, you're teething like crazy and you have been so off schedule due to the craziness that has taken over our household this month. All of this has made for a rough patch for you. So sorry sweetheart. I'm really hoping that come November life slows down a bit and we all can just take a breather. 

When we have been at home and on schedule you have been waking up around 7am, eat breakfast, composing of all sorts of solids, a bottle and then you play for a bit. You go down for a nap around 10:30-11am and have a solid two hour nap. Wake up have a bottle, and play. Then you go back down for a nap around 2:30-3pm. You sleep until about 4:30-5pm, wake up and have a small bottle. You play with us, you have dinner with us, baths, which you absolutely love!! You love being in the tub with June and Owen and splashing constantly. You are so content in the bath. Then we give you a big ol' SUPER WARM, almost too hot and then go down to bed around 7-7:30. It's a great little schedule when we are on it. 
You are mostly sleeping through the night, well except for these past two weeks. 

You love to play with Owen and June, but you get super giggly when Owen plays with you. I see a special little bond there. You are chewing on everything insight and finding your way around the room. Either by scooting or rolling. Girl you can roll! You just roll and roll and roll. You are slowly figuring out this whole crawling thing, and I am not ready for that. I can't stop you, but I prefer you to just stay still. 

You eat like a champ, though it's caused some problems in the digestive area, so we took a step back from a lot of solids and hoping to get that figured out at your doctors appointment this coming week. Let's just say, you aren't the greatest pooper. 

You are wearing most size 12mo clothing and still wearing size 4 diaper. You are a chunk! I love every little roll you have. 

We sure love playing with you Kate. Owen likes to play body slam on you while June likes playing peek a boo and tickle fights. Don't worry, Owen's body slams are handled with care. If thats possible. Hahaha 
While taking your monthly picture this time around, Owen wanted to be involved. That included jumping on the bed, knocking you over and then hopping over you....

You love chewing on your blanket
You love babbaling and talking like crazy. We love your little stories. 
You are waving
You play with anything in sight
Your favorite chew toy is my phone
You get so excited every time says hello
You are aware of stranger danger 

You are moving along fantastically baby. We love you little lady. You are loved by us all and we are so grateful for you happiness. 

Happy nine months my love!
Love, mom 

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