Monday, October 24, 2016

Owen at 3!

Dear Owen, OD, buddy boy, Otis, 
Happy Happy birthday buddy! Today you are three years old. I can't lie and say I'm so sad that you are a year older. In all honesty we are all pretty excited to get out of the terrible two's. Hahaha Oh sweetheart we love you so so so much, but man you are a beast! You are such an independent little thing and if things don't go your way you show it. 
You really are such a stud though. You truly have a gentle side to you, especially when it comes to your baby sister Kate. Owen, you love her. You are so sweet with her and are always concerned about her well being. You have such strong emotions and you are just learning what they all mean. 
You are a big boy! 

You are wearing 3T clothes and you are just solid. Your hands and feet are a rock. You potty trained twice this year which was great fun, but you really really hate to poop. I know that someday down the road you are going to be sooooooo embarrassed that this is in our blog book. I'm sorry son, but right now it's our biggest challenge. You really hate it. You don't take naps anymore, but you sometimes fall asleep in the car and you then will take a nap. It just depends on the day. We cut out your naps due to your night terrors and it somewhat helped. You haven't had one until recently. Just the other night you had one and its so hard to watch you and not be able to comfort you, no matter how hard we try. 

You love to read and look at books, sing songs and LOVE playing with puzzles. You would do puzzles all day long. And not those little toddler puzzles. We are talking like 24 and higher count puzzles. You love playing with cars and helicopters but your favorite toy right now to play with is your big Dino Trux. It has a wrecking ball on the end of it, so you love to build towers and then knock it down. You do that over and over again. 

You are talking like a champ and learn more and more vocabulary all the time. You know all your shapes, numbers up to 10 and can recognize the majority of the alphabet. Including singing the whole alphabet. You love singing that to Kate. You love playing tag and hide n' seek and really anything with running or jumping involved. 

You absolutely LOVE to snuggle. You are the best little buddy to snuggle and sleep with. When you do sleep, you sleep like a rock and you don't move. I don't mind sleeping next  to you. 
Every night after saying prayers and reading stories we have a good cuddle. You curl up into this tiny ball and get as close as you can to me or your daddy. It's my favorite thing to do and I so look forward to it especially after a tough day. It's our little bonding time and I'm grateful that no matter what the day was like we get to cuddle. 

You love to eat Vega's and fruits. You would eat Broccoli all day long and you would eat apple sticks right beside it. If you had it your way you would have broccoli, apples, crackers and candy for every meal. Oh boy you are so addicted to candy. That stuff can make you do anything! hahaha You don't realize it now, but someday you will see how much I used an m&m as a bargaining tool. Bad parenting? Maybe. But it works!! 

You're still attached to your blanket as ever. It's a love hate relationship we have with this blanket of yours, but I can't make you get rid of it. The security of it is there. So I'm not going to deprive you of it. Will you go to college with it?! Maybe! I did. Haha. 

Buddy you are so awesome, you are so funny and you have the most contagious laugh. You can melt my heart in a matter of seconds with your "I love you mommy" and your tight hugs. You give really good hugs. 

You are so independent. It drives me crazy with how you have to do everything on your own, but you are so determined to conquer this world, that who am I to stop you. 

So Owen there you have it. You at three. There is so much that I just can't write down. So many feelings and emotions that I simple can't put into words. All I know is that I love you to the infinities and back. I love you for who  you are and who you are trying to become. 
Thanks for letting me be your mom!
I sure love you kiddo.
Happy Third birthday sweetheart!!

Love, Mom 

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