Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Our Thanksgiving was quiet and very much enjoyed! I just love this time of year. Really our Thanksgiving was like the many we have had before. We eat way to much, then keep eating, then have pie, shop, then have more pie, then left overs... add football to the mix and you have yourself a Lancaster Thanksgiving. 

We got up and got dinner started. Everyone helped this year. June seriously did the dishes and she did a pretty good job. She scrubbed them and everything. 

Owen helped by being happy and staying happy. He LOVES cupboards... and Ranger's dog treats. Yes, he has eaten his fair share of dog food. 

We watched Frosty the Snowman while Dan and our friend Taylor hung the Christmas lights outside. In my family we always had the rule, (more for fun, we weren't punished if we listened to Christmas music... hahaha) that no Christmas music or lights could be turned on until after dinner. It's continued on in our house and so Dan got the lights hung so that we could turn them on that night. 

Sean carving the turkey! SO MUCH FOOD!!! And I'm hungry as I'm blogging this. Wish I had some of that in front of me now!

Setting the table

Kids table. I was always, ALWAYS stuck at the kids table. Even when I was all grown up. I still hold a little grudge to it. Even at my own wedding there were kids at my table... How that happened I have no idea. 
Best little friends.

Our lack of chairs ended with Owen being put on the floor and Ranger would not leave his side. 

After dinner, we cleaned up, looked at the shopping deals and finished watching the Dallas Cowboys game. 
Everyone headed home and we all put the kids to bed then Makenna and I went out and shopped!
Ya, thats right, we went out Thanksgiving night. Boom. Deal with it. 
We scored and it was totally worth it! After a great run, we were both tired and called it a night around 1am. It was super fun just hanging out with one of my BFFs. 

Friday morning, we slowly woke up and took our time getting ready. Then we headed out again to do a little more shopping. When we were at the Mall we saw Santa and June was beyond excited. We just couldn't hold her back anymore to go see him. She ran right to him and seriously hugged him for a solid five minutes. She was so cute and happy. 

Christmas this year is going to be so magical with her. She is at such a fun age where she understands  Christmas. Oh man it's gonna be a good Christmas Season. 

Our Thanksgiving was good and full of delicious food and fun memories. So now I am beyond excited to get Christmas underway. Teaching June all about the Nativity and the spirit of Christmas, oh and plus all about Santa and his elves, and just all the magic of Christmas!! LOVE IT!!! 

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