Friday, July 31, 2015

9 Weeks


Hitting 9 weeks today! Still just starting out, but slowly making progress. We are in Canada this week and somehow word got out that we were pregnant. (Cough, Cough, June!!) We had NO INTENTIONS on telling people this soon, but it happened. It honestly was good that it was out, because I was pretty sick throughout the week. And SO TIRED!  I learned that I no longer like Tuna and small smelly petting farms are not all that great either. Haha. Thankfully I wasn't sick the entire time, and only lost my appetite a few times a long with losing my breakfast or lunch. It was really nice not having to tiptoe around people, or try to keep the gagging noises to a minimum... I'm hoping the morning sickness starts subsiding soon and my energy level boosts back up. I'm kinda ready to get my life back, along with my appetite!

My family still does not know yet. I plan to tell them in person, when I see them in a couple weeks!
Can't Wait!!

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