Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Part One: The Day before & Traveling there

Not much time to settle down and find a minute to blog, though I so desperately want to. I feel like we have yet to catch our breath, and we aren't slowing down anytime soon, since the holiday celebration this weekend and then me and the kiddos are off to Idaho next week. I am scraping minutes together to get Canada posted! And I will get it posted before we leave. See, Canada was magnificent and I am not able to do all of it in one post, so I am having to split it up into 2, 3 or even possibly 4 posts. Lots of blog posts to come. Haha. Also my house has been under constant construction for a month now, and if you know my house we have no blinds since our yard is mostly private... but with sooo many construction workers coming and going, I feel like we are constantly being watched. In fact, as I blog this, I am sitting on my bathroom counter because it's my only private place that no one can see me, and kids can't reach the computer. Ha! A post on the house soon to come too! SO MUCH TO BLOG ABOUT! 

But let's get back to the main purpose of this post. Canada. It wasn't our usual trip to Canada this year, it was to British Columbia, Canada. It's just so beautiful. 

So, part one includes the day before we left and our traveling getting to B.C. 

Since we were going to be in Canada for Father's Day, us Texas Lancaster's celebrated the night before by praising daddy (Dan) and letting him open his gifts... which were for the trip so he needed to open them before anyways. Haha 

June was sooooo excited to give Dan a card that she had found all by herself at the store and was not going to give him anything else, except for that card. 

It danced and it sang and probably cost more than one of his gifts, but the pure excitement that came when it was opened was totally worth it. Now that card is played with on a regular basis. 

Really thats it for the night before.... 

Right here and now I am stating on record that no matter what, we seem to always have quite the travel story to tell. And I don't mean here and there, I mean all the time, and we travel a lot. So I'm not exaggerating here.... Lets start from the beginning. 

As much as we were excited to get to BC, traveling there is not easy. Let me make that even clearer. Traveling to BC is extremely difficult. 
It is a 4.5 hour flight + customs + getting our luggage + re- going through security because of customs + 3 hour layover + an hour flight to BC + a 2 hour car ride to our final destination. To say we  were a bit nervous for our travels would be an understatement. But we were prepared. 

I pretty much bought every entertaining thing I could at the dollar store plus loaded the kids iPads with movies and new shows. You do what you gotta do. New crayons, stickers, all that good stuff. They were set. Plus a couple of movies for Dan and I just incase we, by some miracle, got to enjoy the flights... (We didn't) hahaha

The kids were really excited to go and we tried to keep them moving and playing as much as possible when at the airports, since there would be a lot of sitting on the planes and car rides. 

Lots of "Simon Says" & "Ring around the Rosies" 

Our first flight was the long one to Calgary Canada. The plane was roomy enough and had screens on each of the seats. Poor Dan, his didn't work, but we let the kids watch cartoons which kept Owen entertained.... well until we took off. 

The flight went well enough. Owen was ready to be done, and June was getting pretty antsy herself.... and we were only half way done with our travels. 

We land in Calgary, and start heading down towards our checked luggage and customs. As we reach the bottom of the elevator, June decided to grab the elevator door right as it was opened. Her hand went right along with the door and got sucked right in. We could not get it out, as it was crushing her little hand. Dan was pulling as hard as he could, while pushing the close door button a million times. All while June is screaming bloody murder. 
The door finally closes and her hand comes free. Her hand and fingers are instantly swollen. So we thought that since her fingers are mostly likely broken, we better call an EMT and get some ice along with a wrap.  FIRST, we had to go through customs which I usually like, but June was crying so hard and we just wanted to get to a medic, but yet we just had to wait and get asked a million questions. After making it through customs,We go to one of the "helpers" down by our luggage claim, and he is so clueless. I was getting pretty upset at this point. If you are going to be a "helper" KNOW THINGS!! Like who to call if a medic is needed. It took him FOREVER and he kept looking up numbers and asking who to call. 
The guy somehow ends up calling 911 saying we need to go out of the airport to the ambulance?!? WHAT?! They don't have a medic on staff? We ask this question and finally he just goes and gets his supervisor... June is still screaming at this point and I had had it with this man! The supervisor comes over, calls over an EMT and we have June's hand looked at. All in like 10 minutes.  She looked over Junes hand and there wasn't any bruising or bones that seemed broken by just the naked eye. She told us to just keep her hand iced and if it continues to bother her, to take her to a doctor. We get June calmed down, though she kept asking when her hand would feel better...  The medic gave her an ice pack, which she thought was pretty cool to have her own, and I gave her some childrens Tylenol (which by the way, made me feel like super mom for having some on hand! Haha) and June fell asleep. 

After getting our luggage, Owen in my arms, June in the stroller and Dan pushing and holding all our bags, (What a man) we make it to our next gate checkin and drop off all our luggage and carseats. We then had to go through security, which meant having to wake June up and getting everything checked again. We forgot we had drinks in our bags from the previous flight, so of course we get pulled aside and our bags rummaged though. I know this was our fault, but I was still pretty angry from the whole medic situation, that everything just seemed to annoy me! 

We made it to our gate, and let Owen run free and just have a minute to himself. June was still feeling upset, but totally understandable. We all got lunch, took bathroom breaks and were feeling better about our next plane ride and drive to British Columbia. 

The hour plane ride went well enough. It was only an hour, so nothing we couldn't handle. We landed and went to pick up our luggage. We headed over to the rental car, and this nice "Older" lady who was getting us all checked in for the rental car, would not stop talking!!! I am all for a bit of conversation but know your limits people! And also know that people have been traveling and just  really want their rental car! 

With all of us finally loaded in the car we drove the route to Salmon Arm B.C. 

We finally arrived at our house and were greeted by Dave and Vanessa! A happy sight! Though we were extremely tired, it put a pep in our steps to get this vacation underway. We knew it was going to be a really fun week!! 

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