Friday, July 3, 2015

Canada Post Four: Thursday, Friday & Traveling Home

This is the longest & last post of Canada! 

Thursday was my absolute FAVORITE day of the week, and I am pretty sure everyone else would agree with me! 

 We had heard from Dan's aunt that there is a random kangaroo farm near where we were, so we thought we might as well go check it out, our expectations weren't too high, because you just never know how these kinds of things will actually be... 

On our way to the farm we stopped at a gas station and grabbed some doughnuts and also said goodbye to Greg & Brenda. They headed home a few days early.
We all just chilled outside for a bit, and ate. The kids loved getting doughnuts! 

We said our goodbyes and then us kids all headed to the kangaroo farm. Our expectations were exceeded! It was so awesome!! 

There is just this random but really well maintained kangaroo farm, just in the middle of the town. You go down this really steep hill, and there it is. It is also FREE with donations! 

We first got to hold new little kangaroos (joeys) and June was in high heaven. She loves little animals like this and they were so little and so cute! She is holding George here. 

That face says it all! 

I held Mé- Mé a 9 week old albino kangaroo 

Like, it was just one of those experiences that you think back, and say "I can't believe I held a kangaroo!" haha doesn't happen everyday!

Dan held Steven 

After holding the baby kangaroos you could just wander around this farm, where all the animals were just hanging out. They were everywhere! And very friendly for letting us pet and feed them. I'm sure they were used to it from all the people. 
June was hesitant at first... 

Owen wanting nothing to do with holding the little babies, but he loved the bigger animals!

Lancaster selfie with a kangaroo. No big. 

June really loved feeding them. 

We also chased a few birds around as well 

June soon got comfortable with the kangaroos and was much more willing to pet and play with them 


We then went back and held the babies again one more time before going over to the other side of the farm 

Fatherly instinct kicking in. Will and Dan were so cute holding their kangaroos. 

June also got to hold Mé-Mé. This picture.... SWOON!!! 

 There were a lot of other animals just roaming around on the farm. It was incredible. The curators were very attentive and knew everything you would ever ask about these animals. You can't see the lady here, but she was telling June and Dan all about this bird. And June just kept on asking questions. 

June was so brave to let it on her arm. It even crawled all the way up and starting nuzzling her cheek. She that it was funny for about 3 seconds, then wanted it off. 

They also had a couple sugar gliders that would jump from person to person. They were so tiny!! 

 We spent our morning at the farm, then decided to head back to the house for a late lunch. 

We ate and then let the kids play for a bit. It got pretty hot in the afternoon so we turned the sprinkler on in the back yard to let the kids play. 

It got really hot, and we decided to go hit up Dan's aunt and uncles house who has a pool. Don't worry, we were invited. Haha. 

 They actually lived really close to our house that we were staying in, so we decided to let June ride up front with me. She thought it was the coolest thing. We taught her to say that she's "riding dirty" haha... ya, we teach our children appropriate things for sure.... 

I love their house and their backyard! We swam for a couple hours. 

Such a beautiful view!! LOVE where they live! 

Friday: We actually just spent the morning starting to clean up and started packing for the next days travel. We didn't want to spend our last night just cleaning and packing, so we tried to do as much as we could that morning.

After lunch and naps we headed back over to Dan aunts & uncles house for more swimming. Dan's cousins came over too, which was really fun. 

Owen and Uncle Bob photobombing in the background!

Trucks & cars all day, even at the pool 

June loved playing with Uncle Bob. He kept trying to attack him. He was kind enough to entertain her!

Me and Brianna 

We stayed at the pool all afternoon. Once we were done swimming we all went back to our house for pizza and one last hangout session before we all left in the morning. Mike and Becky actually left that night. 

Dan and I had an early wake up and had to be out of the house by 6:30am. Our flight was at 9:30 but we still had a two hour car ride. We packed as much as we could and loaded the kids in last. 

The drive went smooth and getting checked in went great. Small airports, mean less hassle. 

We made it to Calgary and had to do the same thing as before, picking up our luggage and going to customs. Our customs agent was really nice and super funny. He stamped Dan's passport, and I was like what?! I want one. So he stamped all our passports... though it was an U.S. passport stamp, still counts. haha He was really nice for humoring us though. 

We even got to cut about an hours worth of security because we were family boarding. It was so nice! 

We had another three hour layover, so we let the kids run-around and play to their hearts content. 

We boarded the plane, and just as we were about to take off, Owen zonked out! WE WERE SOOOOOOO HAPPY about that!! Haha

He slept for about half the flight which was so nice. Dan watched a movie and I closed my eyes for a bit. The rest of the flight went smooth enough. Kids were tired and  restless, but I couldn't blame them on bit! 

Right as we landed, Owen just all of the sudden threw up all over himself and became rather cranky and lethargic. Sick. Boom. Just like that. 

We were heading to our luggage and car anyways, so we stripped him down, and let him drink some water. Then headed out. 

After some running around after luggage and getting to our car, we finally made it home. June fell asleep in the car and slept the remainder of the night. We got Owen in the bath and put him to bed. The kids slept forever long that night. 

 The next day the kids continued to sleep, so we ended up not going to church, and honestly we were ok with that for how tired we were and how much traveling we had just done. We were so so so tired. 

Owen woke up, and we spent the morning just trying to catch up. He crawled on the bed with Dan and snuggled right up to him and fell asleep. I think he ended up take 3 naps that day. 

So there you have it. Such a fun trip, and I feel like we are still trying to catch up on sleep and life. But summer just doesn't slow down, and with so much adventure ahead, I'm ok with that! 

Thanks Canada, you were awesome this go around! 

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