Thursday, July 2, 2015

Canada Part Three: Tuesday & Wednesday

Tuesday was a more laid back day. We took it easy in the morning, and then headed over to a farmers market, which ended up being kind of lame, so we headed over to a splash park for the kids to play and have lunch. 

Mike and Becky did get some really fresh and delicious strawberries at the farmers market, and Owen was inhaling them. We couldn't get the stems off fast enough for him to eat. They were really good. 

We played for a bit more. June loved her Uncle Dave. 

We played for a bit longer, Greg & Brenda came down and we chatted for a bit. Owen had fallen asleep on me, and we snuggled real good for a while. It was a good cuddle session. 

Not too long after, Owen woke up and we decided to head back to the house to get cleaned up. 

We went and had dinner at the other house that night! The kids played with their kinder surprises that Uncle Will & Jess had gotten the kids and us adults just piddle paddled around until dinner was ready. 

After dinner, we sat around some more, and Owen was going out of his mind. Finally he lost it and I had to call it a night. He needed to get back to our house and to bed. The kid doesn't do well with a lack of a nap. So Dan drove me back home and got Owen down. Dan went back to the other house where June had stayed to play with her cousins.

Dave and Vanessa came back to the house to put their little one down as well. Once they got Ellie down, The boys all went to a movie. June had stayed at the other house, only until Dan was done and then he went to go pick her up. Vanessa and I, opened up some snacks at our house, sipped back on some soda and watched a dramatic episode of the Bachelorette together. It was actually a nice relaxing night. 

                Wednesday: Again, we just did our usual thing in the morning. We were all up pretty early at our house, because of the time change, so we mostly were up by 6am-7am. We usually didn't make plans until 9, so we just hung out. 

Owen loves pulling on peoples noses, and daddy's is by far his favorite. 

He then climbed down off the couch, and went and snuggled up to Vanessa for a bit. He is becoming such a little snuggle and I love it! 

Him and Ellie were being adorable on this fire place, kicking their little feet. 

Later that morning, we went to a small little petting zoo. Grandpa bought food for the grandkids and we were off. 

I would get all excited to feed them, until they stuck out their nasty tongue, and it would scare me, so i just dropped the food. June and Owen were way more brave than I was. 

The kids loved playing in this sand buried tractor. 

The petting zoo didn't take us nearly as long as we thought it would, so we decided to head to the beach again and let the kids swim and play again. 

Jess and June fed the birds 

Dan went and bought June and Owen their own slushies. June loved hers and Owen had his filled with sand and rocks within 5 minutes. 

We didn't play as much in the water this go around. It was cold and I don't think any of us wanted that brisk plunge again. The kids had fun for a bit, but even they got out and played more at the play ground and on the grass. 

We got home and had some quiet time. June said she wanted to lay down for just a minute. She hit her pillow and she was out for the afternoon. 

Later that afternoon, us girls went out and got pie, while the boys took the kids to a jungle gym. Well except our kids, because they were both out cold! The pie was really good! I'm not a HUGE pie fan, except for my moms, but it was pretty delicious and I ate it all, so it must have been good! Haha 

We got back to our house, and the kids were out back playing. Dinner was planned at our house that night, so ate and enjoyed the warm weather outside. 

That night, we decided to go walk down to the Wharf, where they had live music playing and you could just walk around. 

Beautiful views! 

June LOVE LOVE LOVED the live music. She went out and danced her little heart out. She did not want to leave! 

Brothers and Dad on the Wharf! 

After the Wharf we called it a night! 

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