Monday, July 27, 2015

Road Trip! Part Three: Idaho

We left for Idaho on Wednesday and spent the remainder of the week there. Us girls loaded up the car and headed out. We stopped at some outlets on the way and shopped for a minute, went to McDonalds for lunch, I got mad about something, we had a tiff, we got over it in two seconds, and the rest was smooth sailing from there. Ya, we fight, but we also get over things really quick. Mostly. Haha. 

We all followed each other and made it safely to Rexburg. We only planned to stay in Rexburg one night, since my parents are not there, and my brother lives in Idaho Falls, where we were staying for the rest of the week. We really wanted to do our usual Rexburg things though, and since my bro, and his family were just moving into a new house we gave them an extra day to get settled. We got a hotel in Rexburg and let me tell you, it was weird spending the night in a hotel in your home town. I didn't like it. I really missed home. 

I had my own room, Meg had her own room because of our babies and then Mich and Brooke shared. Though my nieces Lauren and Reese came and slept in my room. 

Little Miss Diva again. She loved laying down the pack n' play mat as a runway. She is becoming a total girl. I like it. 

I can't even begin to tell you that there is always something that goes wrong when we all get together. When it does go wrong it usually happens to my sister Megan. I'm telling you, every time something happens that leads to an hour or longer for Megan to fix. This trip was no exception. 

The hotel was full. We had our rooms booked and all was great. Megan walked into her room and there was a massive stain on the bed, the toilet had pee all around it and the bathtub had a black ring around it. Super gross. So she went to the front desk and simply asked for a different room or maybe someone could come clean it. Well the cleaning ladies weren't there and the only room they had available was the "Jungle Suit" She thought at least that room would be clean. 

She goes into the room, we follow and about die. This room was super super super creepy, and we don't know how anyone could ever stay in this room. It was so dark and dingy and just was, again, super super creepy! My dear sister Megan, held it together and realized her little three year old would have nightmares in this room so she went back to the front desk.

Meanwhile, we were laughing so hard. It was just so funny to be in this room and seriously expect people to sleep here. 

In the end, Meg went back to her old room, and a trip to Walmart for us to buy cleaning supplies. 

First we went and had dinner at Fongs. Good old nasty Fongs. How we love you. 

Then to Walmart. Of course. 
June fell asleep in the cart five minutes into our trip. We spend a lot of time at Walmart, so she got a good nap in. 

That night, Meg got her room cleaned, we all went swimming, we put babies down and all just talked in Michelle's and Brooke's room. 

The next morning we woke up arranged our day and then headed down for breakfast. 

After breakfast we went our separate ways for a bit to get our rooms packed up and checked out of the hotel. Just for the record, Meg did end up getting a huge discount on her room. The Manager was outraged with her cleaning crew and was very apologetic. It all worked out. We did our usual shopping trip in Porter's. It felt so good to be back in there! And then we headed over to Rexburg Rapids. Well actually everyone did except Owen and I. He fell asleep in the car and was in desperate need of sleep so June went with cousins and I drove around my old stomping grounds. 

I went and drove past my parents house. I wish I hadn't. The people renting it for now where outside on the front porch talking to people and it just put a weird taste in my mouth, like thats my parents house and you shouldn't be there. I don't know when I will be in Rexburg next, but I definitely won't be going out to the house again. 2 years is all!

When Owen woke up we headed over to the Rapids and played with the fam. It was really cold. In the water wasn't bad at all actually, but getting out and going to our towels it was freezing! I forget about Rexburg wind!

After we swam all afternoon we headed to Idaho Falls to my Brothers house. Now let me tell you, that they literally just moved into their house not even a week before we stayed with them. They are so amazing and I have the best most calm patient sister-in-law in the world. She was an amazing host and her house was so organized for just getting the keys 3 days prior. P.S. Their house is beautiful!!!! Like really beautiful!!! 

June asked me if she could go lay down for a minute. I didn't think she would actually fall asleep but she did. at 5:30pm. She hasn't been sleeping the best, and late nights with cousins so I honestly thought she would just sleep the night through. Nope! Around 11pm she woke up, and was ready to seize the day! Luckily her cousins were still up and she was hungry so she got to chill with the adults for a while, and ate a bowl of Lucky charms. Lucky Lady. 

About midnight we finally got everyone to sleep, including June, and us adults headed off to bed as well. We still had a long week ahead of us. 

The next day we went to the zoo in Idaho Falls. It's a tiny little thing, but perfect for little kids to roam around in for a couple hours. 

My niece, Lauren, was my life savor that week. I honestly don't know if I would have survived without her. She was so awesome with my kiddos! Love her to pieces! 

The girls were more interested in their maps then the actual animals. They liked telling us where to go. 

Feeding the goats 

Ah, the famous Lion head drinking fountain. Everyone was so cute all lined up!

All the grandkids - Minus Andrew. 

After the zoo we got home and put babies down for naps and let the kids play. Us girls decided we wanted to go shopping for a minute and realized that Mini Bizarre was Open. A fun little boutique that is open only certain times of the year. We felt bad for always making Lauren stay home with the kids so we let her come.... Not sure it was the best idea leaving all the kids home, but we were only gone for an hour and the older kids did awesome with the younger ones, and the babies just slept. So in the end it did work out. 

We were really missing my mom. Shopping in Mini Bizarre was always so much fun with her. So we sent her this picture. 

We got home, Mike got home from work and the boys from Utah got there as well. The kids played outside all night. I loved it. I loved how the weather cooled down, and I love just watching June run around with her cousins. It really makes me want to live closer to family to have these times more often. 

Mike and shay made the best dutch oven chicken I have ever had in my entire life! It was so incredibly good! Wish I had some right now! 

After dinner, Mikey set up a large screen in the back and the kids were able to watch a movie. The kids watched the new "Minions" Movie. 

Later that night we put the kids to bed... well I mean downstairs playing, and us adults went out and watched "Jurassic World". It was good. 

After the movie, I brought June into bed with me and just snuggled her. She was such a good girl this trip, as she always is. I sometimes just get so overwhelmed by how much I love this little beauty. She is such a special little soul and I am so glad she is all mine! 

The next day, (Saturday), we had a family reunion with my mom's side, extended family. It was great seeing everyone who I haven't seen in years!

My Gramps and I 

We played water balloon battle ship. All the little kids went first and then us adults played. It actually ended up in a huge water balloon fight between everyone, but it was still really fun. 

A lot of the Cheney side. We obviously are missing my parents, and My Aunt and Uncle Kevin and Marcy. Plus some more cousins.  

Playing at the park 

June refused to leave the park and I was battling Owen to no end, so it wasn't worth fighting her as well to come get a picture. Sure do love my grams and gramps! 

Owen was a beast towards the end of the trip. He refused to sleep and also refused to let me out of his sight. It wore me down. In a 24 hour period the kid slept for five hours. He was killing me! So I left the reunion early, and went back to Mike and Shay's house. He fell asleep in the car and stayed asleep in my arms. I didn't dare move, but I had to pee so so so incredibly bad. But I suffered through it because I wasn't going to let him wake up for anything! 

Later that day everyone got home from the reunion. It was our last night all together, so we had Lauren babysit and we all went out for sushi. 

Love this crazy bunch! 

It all came and went so quickly! It was sad knowing we were all heading home the next day. I still had a few days at my parents house and traveling ahead of me, but it was still sad leaving my siblings. We always have a blast together and this trip was no exception! Meg was driving home to California that day too, so we both got on the road early that morning. I was headed to Colorado, my longest drive yet. Or so I thought... 

Next blog post! 

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