Wednesday, July 29, 2015


On July 28th, We announced to all of our friends and family, (who didn't already know) that we are expecting baby #3. Here is how we shared the big news!! 

I have actually been blogging about this pregnancy from the beginning, just not posting them until we were ready for everyone to know. I plan to share those soon, so be aware that there are going to be a bunch of pregnancy posts all close together. I really wanted to document this pregnancy as soon as possible. I do regret not keeping better track of my last pregnancy with Owen. I very much enjoy looking back as reference to how it all was going, so I really have tried to keep better track this go around! SO CRAZY!! 3 KIDS! WHAT?!? 
No, for reals though, I can't express how excited we are. I absolutely LOVE being pregnant, so I just dwell on that and try not to think about how our lives are about to change, yet again! A new baby always brings new challenges but so far it's been totally worth it! 

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