Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Canada Part Two: Sunday & Monday

Hello again. It was actually nice flying in on Saturday, and having Sunday as almost a recovery day. It was low key and we knew we wouldn't be doing anything outrageous because, well, it was Sunday. We went to church at Dan's Aunt and Uncles ward, where there are also Dan's cousins, so it was fun to have a mini reunion at church. We knew we would be seeing a few of them later in the week, so we didn't stretch it too long at church. 

Oh and side note: Owen totally went to Nursery for both hours without shedding a single tear. He even came out to get a bum change, and still just waltzed right back in! Let's hope that sticks when we go to church at our own ward. 

Our house that we had rented was so nice and had the most beautiful surroundings. June kept calling it her Secret Garden. 

It was all fun and playful until little Ellie totally took a rock to the head and had a pretty good size goose egg! She's still adorable though and it wouldn't be her last goose egg of the week! Ha

It also was Father's day. I felt a tinge of guilt because I knew it wasn't going to be "as special" being away from home. I tried really hard to make it a relaxing day for him, but I'll be honest, being away from home and worn down from a 2 hour time difference and plus being in charge of Sunday dinner for 18 people and trying really hard to not have Dan help since it was Father's Day! AH! I was worn out a bit, but my awesome Sister- in -law, Vanessa stepped in and totally helped with everything! 

Dan and our babes. I couldn't ask for a better man. I didn't get to actually do a Fathers day post, but he's pretty darn special and one heck of a great dad. Seriously our kids are the luckiest! Love him to pieces! 

June and Isis became inseparable throughout the week. It was adorable and we hardly saw June because she was so busy playing with cousins. 

She did at one point, crawl onto Dan's lap and totally crashed. She slept for a bit, but then was right back out there playing!

Our house had a tramp in the backyard which saved us for entertaining the kids at night. We really enjoyed our house! More family came over that night after dinner, and we talked and talked and talked. It's a Lancaster thing... haha 
It was really fun catching up with aunts and uncles and plus Dan and I went to college with a couple of his cousins so I knew them even better. It was great! I love Dan's extended family. They are the most welcoming and inviting people! Canadians... Just so nice. 

Isis and June would not get off the tramp. I'm not even sure what game they were playing, but they were in heaven. 

The kids played way past dark, but we finally had to call them in, and the other families had to head back to their house! We were ready to party the next day! 

Monday was beach day. This was one of my favorite days. It was a lot of fun!

The weather was beautiful and we were ready for some swimming. We met up with most of the family at the lake. We spread our blankets out, and just enjoyed the company. 

Eventually we all headed down to the water and took the brisk plunge in. North Lakes are FREEZING! But the Idahoan in me came to life and I got used to it quickly. The kids had a blast splashing and swimming. 

The kids were loving playing ice-cream shop in the sand. 

June felt she was pretty clever putting in a stick and calling it a straw. Ya, I totally thought so too! She's the greatest!

And Owen was the customer, who got to enjoy those sandy ice-cream treats... He took it literally!
He too wins the greatness award. 

The boys went completely in the water and they were freaking out how cold it was. I was calling them pansies until I stepped in and realized just how cold it was! 

The brothers, Dan and myself, all got into a pretty fun game of 500. Once I got used to the water and the competitive side came out in me, it was all business! It was really fun!! Dan may have let me win a few, but I also held my own! 

While we played, June played with her cousins and Grandpa kept Owen entertained. They were so cute together. Owen was so content just sitting there, playing in the sand with gramps. 

The boys with their babies 

After a solid day at the beach, we all decided to go get cleaned up and then head back to our place,along with the Edmonton Lancasters, and have dinner there. 

There was a big raspberry bush right off of the patio, and the kids loved picking them and making them into all sorts of things, like drinks and pretend cookies. 

Lots of fun on the tramp 

That night, we all decided to let the girls have a sleep over. They were so excited and had a pretty fun night. Brianna ended up going home with her parents when they left, and in the middle of the night, June woke up scared and ended up in bed with Dan and I. So really a "sleep over" isn't quite the term I would use, but if you ask June, She definitely had a sleep over! 

And Just like that another two days gone. We still had lots to cover over the next three days! 

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