Saturday, July 25, 2015

Road Trip! Part Two: Utah

Did I mention that Dan is out of town for work? It's been a solid two weeks since we have seen each other, and he doesn't come home for another three days. I'm going out of my mind without him. And his work trips aren't your average husband trips. No. They are out in the field, in the middle of no where, in Canada! I'm pretty sure I have spoken to him twice since we have been a part and it's killing me. I'm so incredibly needy of him. I guess it's good because it does give me some good quiet time to blog at night once the kids go down. I just really miss him. 

Now on to part two of our road trip. 

We spent a few days rocking it in Utah. My sister Megan, who lives in California had already been in Idaho visiting her in-laws and drove down to now spend time with us. She stayed at my sister Michelle's house, and I stayed at My sister Brooke's house. It all worked out wonderfully! 
Monday we had a bit of a lazy morning. 

We let the kids play and I got a little more organized from our travels. It felt good to unpack for a couple of days. 

Some how I failed to take pictures of our daily activities, which required lunch and playing at the splash park all afternoon! It was a lot of fun. 

After naps and getting rested, we took out my sister and husband's boat! 

We swam a lot but the water was sooooo incredibly choppy and wavy. I mean white caps and making the boat rock so hard! It was kinda crazy, so no one ended up tubing or surfing, but we still had fun letting the kids swim and talking. 

The baby whisperer keeping my child calm on the boat. 

After boating, we all headed out for dinner with all of us! It was a crazy bunch, but we totally managed it and it actually went really smooth! 

The next day we got up and did a little shopping. Then we headed over to one of their local swimming pools and spent the day there. 

June would not stop giving attack kisses to my sister! I'm not even sure where she got the idea to start attack kissing people, but June thought she was hilarious! 

Owen sucking back some Dr. Pepper. Shhhh don't tell Dan. And I think this was his first encounter with caffeine. 

Oreo filled little diva 

He just gets cuter and cuter everyday! 

We did a lot of swimming and playing in the water, which is what summer is for, obviously! We had a blast in Utah. It was so fun just hanging out, late nights with my sisters, talking and catching up. We also went to Walmart like 100 times. I don't know what it is with us and Walmart, but we go there so much when we are all together. One night, We put the kids to bed and us girls went to Walmart. We laugh so incredibly hard at the most stupid things, but it's so much fun! I simply just love our time together, and we really do have a bond thats rare. 

Our time in Utah was short, but that didn't mean the fun was stopping! We still had the rest of the week to party. Now we just had to go crash my Brother's brand new house! That will be in post three! 

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